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Prayerful Project

Parable PrayerWheel503

Prayer Wheel for Lent

Each year I take a creative approach to reflecting on the weekly readings during Lent. The creative process offers an opportunity to slow down, listen, and deepen my understanding of the Lenten themes. This year’s Lent project takes clippings from magazines, catalogs, and greeting cards to create a collage prayer wheel.

There are many ways to approach this project. You could start with the readings on Sunday and spend time reflecting on the themes and collecting images throughout the week. At the end of the week, piece together what you’ve collected. Another approach is to follow the readings and collect images from week to week and then in one sitting before Holy Week, work on your final collage. What I like about the first approach is that it gives me a visual reminder of my Lenten promises, challenges, and prayers. It also builds anticipation of where this Lenten journey will take me. Know that there is no right or wrong approach to creating your collage prayer wheel.

To get started you’ll need a piece of cardboard or construction paper cut into a large circle. A 14” - 18” circle works well as it will give you plenty of room for many images and words. You may divide your circle into five sections as I did or you may work intuitively and piece the collage together in a way that is pleasing to you.

Collect a variety of materials to cut up including magazines, catalogs, sales flyers, and greeting cards. You’ll need scissors and a glue stick or Yes! Paste, a favorite adhesive used by scrapbookers.

Five Themes for Lent

Consider each of these themes, one for each week of Lent.

Choices - What choices will you be making for Lent this year?

Trusting & Listening - What path is God calling you to take? Are you being called out of your comfort zone?

Hope - We all experience desert moments. What are you thirsting for right now? Where do you find support? Who has supported you in your desert moments?

Openness - Are you open to what God has planned for you?

Surrender & Letting Go - How are you getting in your own way? What ‘stones’ do you need to hand over to God in order to live the life that you are called to live?

For a finishing step, place an image of Christ at the center.

Visit catholicnh.org/downloads for a closer look at my prayer wheel, to read my personal reflections, and to get tips on how to create beautiful collages. In the download, you’ll also get a copy of the crucifix that I used in my prayer wheel that you can print and use for your project.