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top Parable GaouetteThe Destiny of T.M. Gaouette

“How did I come to care so much about the Catholic faith?"

Tairi Gaouette repeats this question aloud on an early summer morning as if maybe it is the first time she has ever considered it. She knows that if the question was put to one of the characters in her novels, it would need to be answered before the plot could move forward. Only today, sitting in an interview while her husband entertains the couple’s four children, she is the main character. And tracing the plot of her life backwards does not yield an obvious or suitably dramatic answer to this critical question.

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Production Garden

top Parable ProductionGardenOn a late summer morning, just before a busload of volunteers arrives, Eileen Groll Liponis, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Food Bank, and Jason Rivers, the Production Garden Project Coordinator, take time to stroll among the rows of eggplant, squash, tomatoes, corn and pumpkins that comprise the New Hampshire Food Bank’s one acre Production Garden. They reflect on the essential purpose of the garden and its role in the overall mission of the New Hampshire Food Bank, a program of Catholic Charities New Hampshire, as well as upon their own rootedness in the essential work of the garden and the Food Bank’s mission.

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