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top Parable RobergeWhere God Comes In

The significance of some tragic family events during the childhood of Fr. Rich Roberge would take decades for him to understand. For though they took place in a world where austerity and suffering were woven into the fabric of a hardworking, faith-filled people, they also foreshadowed changes to that world that the people of Berlin, like the bewildered child in those memory reels, could scarcely have imagined.

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top Parable ParadisProfile in Compassion

Medicine is a healing art, and those who practice it know that it takes more than science and the latest drugs or technology to restore health. Compassion is still at the heart of healing, and this year the New Hampshire Guild of Catholic Healthcare Professionals chose to honor Steven Paradis of Goffstown with the St. Martin de Porres Award for his compassionate approach to cancer medicine. 

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top Parable OurPlaceOUR PLACE 35th Anniversary

OUR PLACE was a program was created back in 1982 to support and educate at-risk teen mothers through a healthy pregnancy and onto the path of becoming successful and thriving parents. OUR PLACE  is an acronym standing for Offering Understanding Relationships for Pregnancy, Life and Adolescence through Compassion and Education. Today, as OUR PLACE prepares to celebrate its 35th anniversary, it remains one of the most vital and impactful programs of Catholic Charities New Hampshire.

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