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top Parable CamachoLiving Acts of Love and Service

Lieutenant Carlos Camacho lives out his faith on his beat, and in his home and parish community

It’s a long way from Harlingen, Texas, to Nashua, N.H., but for Lieutenant Carlos Camacho, a 16 year veteran of the Nashua Police Department, there have been two constants on his journey: his faith, and the service to which that faith has called him. 

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top Parable Faith ScienceFaith and Science

Engineering is an art of precision and practicality, using a blend of creative thinking, science and math to solve real-world problems. If there’s one thing that drives an engineer crazy, it’s a flaw or fallacy that continues to get passed along even though it’s wrong. For Tim Roemer of Bow, N.H., that fallacy is the mistaken idea that science and religion are incompatible. 

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top Parable BryantMacJourney of a Thousand Miles

It takes a good deal of courage to leave a region of the country one called home for many years and embark on a journey a couple of thousand miles away. The Diocese of Manchester is blessed to welcome one such individual. 

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