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About catholicnh.org

We are thrilled to introduce you to our new website at catholicnh.org. Our website is a communication hub that connects you to all of the diocesan ministries. We rebuilt the website, page by page and planned it to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Our site consists of 340 web pages and 673 documents! It's a work in progress so be sure to watch eNews to learn as new features are rolled out.

Here's a look at what's new at catholicnh.org.


A New Look

The first thing that you'll notice is the new look. The neutral color scheme lends a peaceful effect and shows off the large photos that bring to life the Catholic Church in New Hampshire. Larger text make it easier to read. Note that the teal colored text throughout the site are links.

Example Menu SacramentsA Deluxe Menu

Our main menu at the top is pretty slick. It drops down to include three topics with related links, photos, and a featured item. Now more items are found a single click away!

Example Menu MinistriesOur Ministries menu features an alphabetical list of diocesan offices, ministries, and topics.

Example Menu SearchOne of our new favorite features is the "I'm Looking For..." menu where you'll find the top visited pages on our website.

New Directory

First Phase is Complete!

  • Don't know the difference between a church and a parish? You don't need to when searching our new directory. Each church listing now displays the parish.
  • Photos of churches have been added to make it easier to recognize and find the church that you're looking for. Don't see a photo for your church? E-mail your photos to kcosta@rcbm.org.
  • Who's Who? The new "view all clergy" listing includes photos. We now have both priest and deacon photos.

Coming Soon!

  • Advanced search for Masses and Reconciliation by time.
  • Search for Masses in different languages.
  • Advanced search for schools by grade level.
  • Photos of Catholic schools.

Upgraded Calendar

With our new calendar, you can see all events at a glance or search by category or date.

Public Issues

You don't need a Ph.D. in Catholic theology to find the public issue topics on our new website. Our new "Know the Issues" section features the current issues that we are watching and offers a full list of topics alphabetically.

PublicIssues Bulletin DeathPenaltyNew educational bulletins are now available on a variety of topics. Designed to be printed using a single page and in black/white for easy photocopying. Help your parishioners learn about the issues by inserting these in parish bulletins, posting on bulletin boards, and handing out at parish committee meetings.

Catholic Citizenship News is our e-mail newsletter about current events of concern to Catholics in New Hampshire. See how the Diocese of Manchester has been involved in public affairs, read previous issues of CCN.

Lent LentJourneyLiturgical Calendar & Lent Journey

Our new liturgical calendar page features a list of the major Catholic events that we observe in the Diocese of Manchester with links to resources and more information. Join us for a Lent Journey.

Pray with Bishop Libasci Featuring All New Audio Files

Pray along with Bishop Libasci including the Rosary in English and Spanish, Stations of the Cross, and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

New Catholic Quizzes

Test your knowledge of the Catholic faith with Parable's new Catholic Quiz. We've made it interactive. Try it!

Fr. Kerper BookUnderstanding Our Faith

We've cataloged all of Fr. Kerper's articles from Parable Magazine in our new "Understanding Our Faith" page. There you'll find a link to Fr. Kerper's new book!

Example MobileTake catholicnh.org with you...

Now you can easily navigate our website on your smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

What's Coming Up

In addition to the new features for the directory, we are working on a few other things.

  • Extranet - Within a week, clergy, school principals, and wellness warriors will be receiving an e-mail to log into the new Extranet.
  • History Timeline - We're getting fancy with our new history section. The interactive timeline features a visual history of the events and bishops of the Diocese of Manchester.

Meet Our Team

A heartfelt thanks to Bishop Libasci for his guidance and support as we developed this new website. It takes a village to build a website. Thank you to all of the directors who contributed content.

Web Team