Diocesan and National Collections

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Diocesan and National Collections

Throughout the calendar year, the Diocese of Manchester administers several second collections that occur in each parish. These collections range from supporting local needs, such as for our New Hampshire seminarians or retired priests, to national causes that alleviate global hunger or support the Church across the globe.

You can support these collections by:

bringing your donation to your parish the weekend of the collection;

donating online through your parish online giving website;

or by mailing your donation to the Diocese of Manchester.

Some diocesan collections have online giving available. To view the collection schedule, click here.

Diocesan Collections

Diocesan Seminarian Fund

(Third Sunday in January)

This collection goes to support the educational needs of our diocesan seminarians, the future priests of New Hampshire. Learn more about how these funds are used and to find out how you can support our seminarians. 

N.H. Diocesan Priest Retirement Collection

(Fourth Sunday in September)

The Retired Priest Trust Fund supports the needs of diocesan priests who have retired from their ministry in the Diocese of Manchester. To learn more about this collection and the priests who have retired and benefit from this fund, please visit the Priest Retirement Trust Fund webpage. 

Parish to Parish Support Fund

(Third Sunday in July)

This collection allows parishioners to support the many parishes in need throughout the Diocese. This collection provides grants yearly or on an emergency basis to parishes experiencing financial difficulty.

NH Missionaries Abroad and Migrant/Refugee Ministry in N.H.

(Third Sunday in August)

This collection supports The Good Samaritan Home in Colombia, run by Claire Aucoin. In addition, a portion of this collection Diocesan supports the diocesan ministries to migrants and refugees throughout the state of New Hampshire.

Diocesan Collection for Catholic Education

(First Sunday in February)

This collection is taken to assist the parish in funding its financial support for Catholic elementary and junior high schools. The proceeds from this collection remain in the parish. To read more about N.H. Catholic schools, please visit catholicnh.org/schools. 

National Collections

Catholic Communication Campaign

(Sunday between Ascension Thursday and Pentecost)

Though a nationally-administered collection, 50% of collection proceeds remain in the Diocese to support diocesan communications efforts such as Parable magazine, the Catholicnh.org website, and more. Learn more about the CCC.

Peter’s Pence Collection

(Closest Sunday to the feast day of Sts. Peter and Paul)

Missionary Cooperation Plan

(Summer Months)

The primary goal of the Missionary Cooperation Plan is to provide N.H. parishioners with a zeal for the faith and the works of Our Church throughout the world, especially for the poor. Missionaries from all over the world are given support by the faithful of our NH parishes both spiritually and financially for the spread of God’s kingdom on earth. To read more about missions and the MCP, please visit our Missions page.

Catholic University of America and U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

(First Sunday in September)

World Mission Sunday

(Next to Last Sunday in October) 

Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Black and Indian Missions

(Sunday before Thanksgiving)

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development supports programs and services for persons with low income, both in NH and around the U.S. Grants support programs that address community problems, increasing educational opportunities, and the creation of jobs. 25% of the CCHD Collection stays within the Church in New Hampshire to support solidarity initiatives with persons of low-income. A portion of this combined collection also supports Black and Indian missions in the U.S. Learn more about CCHD here and Black and Indian Missions here.

Retirement Fund for the Religious

(Second Sunday in December)

Collection for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe and the Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa

(Ash Wednesday)

Catholic Relief Services Collection and the Catholic Home Missions Appeal

(Fourth Sunday of Lent)

Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl

(Throughout Lent)

Rice Bowl provides funding to Catholic Relief Services for many third world projects promoting agricultural, nutritional, educational and self-sufficiency. Additionally, 25% of all proceeds support local anti-poverty programs throughout New Hampshire. Learn more about CRS in New Hampshire. 

Pontifical Collection for the Holy Land

(Good Friday) 

Collection for the Archdiocese for the Military Services

(Sunday before Veteran’s Day, every three years)