Warren-Wentworth Food Pantry Receives $1,500

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Warren-Wentworth Food Pantry Receives $1,500

The Warren-Wentworth Food Pantry (WWFP) received a grant from the Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund to assist with the pantry’s immediate needs and help supplement food donations throughout the year. The WWFP serves 1,900 area individuals and provided 17,100 meals from July 2015-June 2016.

WWFP is a completely volunteer-run non-profit entity and has been in existence as long as anyone can remember. The Pantry is located in the lower level of the Warren-Wentworth Ambulance Services Building in Warren. The Ambulance Services donates the space to the Pantry and pays all utilities as well. WWFP serves the towns of Warren, Wentworth, Glencliff, Pike and anyone from anywhere that needs a helping hand.

Pictured above: Dr. Maria Ryan (R), BCAF Board Member, presents a BCAF check to volunteers from Warren-Wentworth Food Pantry.

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