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Jubilarian Celebration

Pictured above is Bishop Peter A. Libasci with the jubilarians from the
2013 Religious Jubilee Celebration at St. Joseph Cathedral.

CLICK HERE to visit the photo gallery and see images from this event.

2013 Religious Jubilee Celebration

Date: Saturday, September 7, 2013
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Location: St. Joseph Cathedral, Manchester, NH
Presider and Homilist: Most Rev. Peter A. Libasci, D.D.

Congratulations to all of the 2013 jubilarians!

80th Anniversary

Sister Irene Parenteau, CSC

70th Anniversary

Sister Mary Jane Benoit, pm
Sister Marian Carrigan, RSM
Sister M. Cecilia Coefield, RSM
Sister Estelle Lefebvre, pm
Sister Therese Lefebvre, pm
Sister Solange Marcoux, pm
Sister Pauline McArdle, RSM
Sister Ste. Therese-Marie Paradis, pm
Sister Therese Rioux, CSC
Sister Berthe Viens, CSC

65th Anniversary

Sister Audette Belisle, CSC
Reverend Cecil Donahue, OSB
Sister Charlotte Ann Fortier, RSM
Sister Camillus Frechette, RSM
Most Reverend Joseph Gerry, OSB
Sister Claire Hebert, pm
Sister Dorothy Jacob, pm
Sister Mary Agnes Larouche, APB
Sister Frances Lauranzano, RSM
Sister Louise Mador, pm
Sister M. Monica Markey, RSM
Sister Freda Mary Michael
Sister Estelle Neveu, CSC
Sister M. Leon Pennell, RSM
Sister Constance Perreault, pm
Sister Elizabeth Scadova, RSM

60th Anniversary

Sister Margaret Ahern, RSM
Sister Louise Audette, CSC
Reverend Henri Delisle, OMI
Sister Mary Elizabeth Kyle, RSM
Sister Jeanne Messier, pm
Sister M. Juliann Parent, RSM
Sister Irene Ricard, CSC
Sister Martha Villeneuve, pm
Sister Joan Winn, RSM

50th Anniversary

Sister Monique Bernatchez, pm
Sister Rosemary Burnham, RSM
Sister Marie Couture, pm
Sister Gabriel Czapka, OCD
Sister Ann Duhaime, RSM
Sister M. Melinda Hill, RSM
Sister Anne Hoffler, CSC
Sister Therese Larochelle, pm
Sister Diane LeBel, SCSH
Sister Marie Mansfield, SGM
Reverend Frederic Maples, SJ
Sister Mercedes McCarthy, OCD
Sister Marylyn Pelletier, pm
Sister Jeanne Roberge, pm
Sister Denise Turcotte, CSC

40th Anniversary

Reverend John Bucchino, OFM
Brother Andrew Thornton, OSB

25th Anniversary

Reverend Mathius Durette, OSB
Reverend Benet Phillips, OSB
Sister Donna Pike, pm
Sister Elizabeth Roy, CSC
Reverend Robert Tumwekwase, AJ

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