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Camp Fatima and Camp Bernadette are sponsored by the Diocese of Manchester. Located in Gilmanton Iron Works and Wolfeboro, in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, they are traditional summer camps oriented toward land and water sport activities.

Founded in 1953, Camp Bernadette has a camper capacity of 270 girls per session and enjoys an early registration each season with the maximum enrollment attained each summer. Bernie has 21 camper cabins with complete bathroom facilities located within each camper division. The Camp is located approximately 20 miles south of NH's White Mountains and a half-hour's drive from Camp Fatima.

Camp Fatima, founded in 1949, is centrally located between Concord, the state capital, and the city of Laconia. Fatima has a camper capacity of 310 boys per session, housed in 29 cabins, each containing its own lavatory facility.

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Camp Fatima & Camp Bernadette
32 Fatima Road
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Phone: (603) 364-5851
Fax: (603) 364-5038
Or visit www.campsfatimabernadette.org

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