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How to Become a Permanent Deacon

In the video above, five of the Diocese of Manchester's Permanent Deacons talk about about the role of the deacon in the community.

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Are You Called to the Permanent Diaconate?

Becoming a deacon involves a vocation from God; it is not simply another volunteer job or ministry. Therefore, a person becomes a deacon not just out of personal desire or interest, but for the common good of the Church as determined by the bishop. It is for these reasons that the selection, discernment, and formation of deacon candidates are rigorous efforts. The entire formation process in fact, is a journey of discernment. Through systematic opportunities for prayer, spiritual direction, formal course work, and pastoral-skills development, the candidate is able to reflect critically on his life and the various ministries to which he might be assigned. This process of discernment continues to the very moment of ordination.

If you are considering a vocation to the permanent diaconate, learn more below or e-mail your questions to newdeacons@rcbm.org

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