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Contact Your Representatives about Two Bills

The New Hampshire House will consider two bills next week:

  • HB 316 (Relative to Regulating Alkaline Hydrolysis for the Disposal of Human Remains)
  • HB 483 (Relative to Information Regarding Abortion)

HB 316 (Alkaline Hydrolysis for the Disposal of Human Remains)


HB 316 would allow and regulate alkaline hydrolysis for the disposal of human remains. In this process, the human body is reduced to bone ash and a sterile liquid substance through a chemical reaction. While the bone ash is returned to the decedent’s family, the liquid substance that is produced in the process is flushed away, usually into the public waste system. A manufacturer of an alkaline hydrolysis vessel stated last year that the process releases a total of about 300 gallons of discharge.

How to Take Action:

Contact your representative today to oppose HB 316.

Talking Points:

  • Reverence and respect for human remains are important principles which have been reflected in society down through the ages.
  • These principles are reflected in the system of New Hampshire state laws which govern how human remains are to be treated.
  • The process of alkaline hydrolysis is prohibited in New Hampshire under current state law and should continue to be banned because it fails to provide New Hampshire citizens with the reverence and respect they should receive at the end of their lives.

HB 483 (Relative to Information Regarding Abortion)


HB 483 requires the physician performing an abortion, or the referring physician, to provide a pregnant woman with certain information at least 24 hours prior to the abortion and to obtain her consent she received the information. The information to be provided includes the medical risks associated with the proposed abortion method.

How to Take Action:

Contact your representative today to support HB 483.

Talking Points:

  • This bill advances the life and dignity of both the unborn child and the woman who might undergo an abortion.
  • It is not in the best interests of a woman to undergo this life-changing medical procedure without being fully informed of the true consequences of that procedure and potential alternatives.

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