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Notices for Parishes

Thank you to everyone who responded to our 1 minute survey about our website, catholicnh.org. If you haven't taken the survey and would like to, CLICK HERE.
Your feedback is helping us as we plan our new website.

We asked, "What information would you like to be made available on catholicnh.org?"

Here are your responses to this question and our answers that include how you can find some of this information on our current website. We also share some of our plans for the new website.

Calendar of Events

Response: I would love one calendar that combines all of the wonderful events happening at all of the schools and parishes.

Answer: We currently have a calendar that lists events for Catholic parishes, schools, and organizations in New Hampshire. You'll find the calendar on our homepage as well a link named "events" in the main menu at the top of every page. We encourage submissions to our calendar, here is a link to the form. We are looking forward to the upgraded calendar that will be part of our new website.

Diocesan Directory

Response: It would be nice if pictures of priests, religious brothers & sisters would be available.

Answer: Our current directory has photos of priests and diocesan staff. Our new website will include photos of deacons. We do not have access or permission to post photos of religious brothers and sisters.

Response: The listing of parishes (including Mass and Confession times) needs to be totally redone. It is extremely difficult to find a parish -- one must know the parish's name and understand that they're filed by city/town (who knew?!).

Answer: We agree! Our directory is our top priority as we develop our new website. To help you with searching our current online directory here are a few tips:

  • You can search by a number of criteria. Not all fields in the search box need to be completed.
  • If you are looking for Mass or Confession time in a specific location, fill in the city/town field.
  • If you know the name of the church, type it in the name field. Please note in this version, the word Saint must be inputted as St. (include the period). Our developer is fixing this issue with our new directory.

Here are some of the improvements that we are working on with the new online directory:

  • Mass and Reconciliation will be searchable by specific times rather than am/pm.
  • Improved searching for parishes and churches.
  • Photos for each church will be included.
  • Map of all churches. 

Response: A detailed description of each parish and what they offer.

Answer: Each parish is found in our online directory. For more details visit their website.

About Catholic Faith

Response: Q & A's about the Catholic faith

Answer: In the menu under "Catholic Faith" the last item in the list is "Catholic Faith FAQ." You'll find on this page all of Fr. Kerper's articles from Parable Magazine that answer a wide range of topics about the Catholic Faith. http://www.catholicnh.org/faith/catholic-faith-faq/

Response: Reflections on daily readings or links for them

Answer: A link to the daily readings can be found in the main menu under "Catholic Faith > Scripture/Prayer/Sacraments."

Response: Even more information on celebrating the liturgical year (simply!) with families - especially if we are just starting on the road to introducing these traditions to our families.

Answer: We currently offer a series for Year of Mercy, Advent, and Lent. We will share your feedback with the Secretariat for Catholic Formation to consider how we can offer more information on our new website.

Response: Spiritual retreat resources

Answer: There are two places to find information about spiritual retreats.

  1. Look at the "retreat" category on our calendar.
  2. Look in the top menu under "Formation > Adult Faith Formation > Retreat Houses"

Response: Links to the ND.edu and BC sites? Other educational sites? Additional prayers, devotions, approved Catholic devotions, links, etc.

Answer: Great ideas! We'll share these with the directors as we plan our new site.


Response: Prominent information about Catholic Charities NH.

Answer: Catholic Charities NH can be found in two places on our website:

  1. On the homepage, it is the first button located under the directory search box.
  2. In the main menu, it is found as the first item under "Community."

What we're up to!

We are so excited about what we are developing for our new and improved website. Here are a few highlights:

  • We are streamlining and reorganizing the main menu to make it easier to find what you are looking for.
  • It will be mobile responsive! catholicnh.org will look great and will be easy to navigate on a phone, tablet, iPad as well as your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Improved searches for Mass and Confession times will include photos with all church listings.
  • Large type for easy reading and gorgeous photography to inspire your faith.

There's still a lot of work ahead for us.

Our goal is to reveal our new website on Ash Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Stay Tuned!

Kathryn Costa and Celia Heavisides

E-mail us at webmaster@rcbm.org.


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