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 Derek McDonald Named Diocesan Director of Family Life Ministries

We are pleased to announce that Derek McDonald has accepted the position of Director of Family Life Ministries for the Diocese of Manchester. Derek has served as Parish Evangelist and Director of Faith Formation at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in Manchester for the past three years. His responsibilities included leading the parish family faith formation program, collaborating with the coordinator of youth ministry, and facilitating married couples retreats in the parish. He has also been a gym instructor at Holy Family High School, Manchester, and is taking classes toward a Master’s Degree in Theology at St. John Seminary, Brighton MA, and expects to graduate in May 2017.

Derek and his wife, Emily, are parents of a two-year old son, Leo, and are expecting their second child, another boy. They are active members of St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Manchester.

Derek will begin serving as the Diocesan Director of Family Life Ministries on July 5, 2016. Please join me in prayers of thanks and praise for Derek’s openness and willingness to respond to God’s call to a new ministry and ask God to continue to bless Derek and Emily as they prepare to welcome their new son.

Calendar Widget 

To: Parish Secretaries, School Secretaries

CC: Pat McGee, Cabinet Secretary for Development and Communication

From: Tom Bebbington, Director of Communication

RE: Calendar Widget

The diocese has recently upgraded its online calendar of events; it now includes a new feature we call our Event Widget. Using the Event Widget, you can provide parishioners or community members with a real-time listing of events from the diocesan calendar.

Visit these parish websites to see examples of the widget:

I ask that you please share this page with your website developer: http://events.catholicnh.org/widget, and ask him or her to place the Event Widget on your parish and/or school website. And please don’t forget to submit your events to the diocesan calendar at: http://events.catholicnh.org/submitevent.

Should you or your developer have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 663-0150, or at tbebbington@rcbm.org.

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