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Feed My Sheep

Feed My Sheep Workshops: The Changing Face of Parishes

Today's Catholic parishes are both the same as and not the same as our parents' parishes. There are rapidly and constantly changing demographics, new ministries and ministers, new funding models, to name just a few differences. The relationship between the ordained and lay leaderships has been clarified by the Church. This interactive session explores the nature of what has remained consistent over time, what has changed and the challenges arising from both. It offers insight into parish life of the future and how to create the most effective, best practice parishes in the light of the changing face of parishes. It offers tools for parish leadership to use for insight over time and tools to help the parish adapt to internal and external change.

Presenter Jim Lundholm-Eades, M.Ed., M.Ed.Admin, M.B.A., M.A.C.E.

Jim Lundholm-Eades is currently the Director of Services and Planning for the National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management. Prior to this he was the Director of Parish Services and Planning for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Jim has also been Associate Director of Catholic Education for this Archdiocese and Director of Catholic Social Services (Like the American Catholic Charities) in a diocese in his home country, Australia. His work has covered multiple fields in both Australia and the United States over 36 years. Jim holds graduate degrees in Educational Administration, Business Administration, Pastoral Counseling and Counseling. He is a Minnesota licensed teacher and school district superintendent. Jim has published works include areas such as best practices in Church management (America), diocesan strategic planning (video for NLRCM), effective presbyteral councils (Touchstones), and effective parish pastoral councils (video), Diocesan Strategic Planning (video) and Chemical dependency and families (Workbooks for Siblings of Alcoholics). He has been a national speaker on Catholic church and school planning for several national Catholic organizations. He has taught graduate level courses including Strategic Planning for Catholic Parishes and Schools, Administration and Stewardship, and Catholic School Finance for the Murray Institute at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. Jim is married with two adult children. He and his wife Kim attend St. Genevieve parish in Centerville, MN.

For further reflection, discussion and implementation of the principles presented in the workshop, download the following documents:

Interviews with Jim Lundholm-Eades

LISTEN HERE to an interview with Jim Lundholm-Eades on how our evolving parishes are taking up creative ways to evangelize a new generation.

Looking for more? LISTEN HERE to Jim Lundholm-Eades discuss the relationship between parish funding and a parish’s mission.


Feed My Sheep: Nourishing Disciples

A Pastoral Plan for Catechesis

Feed My Sheep: Nourishing Disciples is now available to pastors and parish pastoral staffs. This diocesan catechetical plan will serve as the framework for formulating a parish catechetical plan and contain updated Sacramental Preparation Guidelines.

Parish Catechetical Plan

An Assessment Resource, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

During the workshops in June and September 2011 that introduced the process for formulating a Parish Catechetical Plan (Creating A Parish Catechetical Plan by Rev. Robert Duggan) one of the crucial steps discussed was the importance of assessing current faith formation opportunities in the parish.

Here is an assessment tool made available for our use from RCLBenziger Publishers, “On Good Soil.” Based on the General Directory for Catechesis, the process, although no longer available in print, is still valid. As parishes in the North Country and Plymouth know from their experience of it, the process is easy to use and includes assessing key elements of parish faith formation. We are grateful to RCLBenziger for permission to post this resource. For other faith formation resources from RCLBenziger visit www.rclbenziger.com


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