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Bulletin Announcements

Please feel free to post the information on this page in your parish bulletins and websites. Copy and paste the information off of this page. To receive updates on bulletin announcements by e-mail, CLICK HERE to subscribe.


Bulletin Inserts Coming Your Way in September

Voting for the Common Good

This updated bulletin insert on voting provides information to Catholics about pressing issues to consider and answers to frequently asked questions. Please distribute this bulletin any time before the State Primary Election Day on September 13, 2016.

Permanent Deacon Formation Seeking Applicants

The diocese is currently seeking candidates for admission to the Permanent Diaconate Formation Program. Applications will be accepted until the end of this year for the next formation class beginning in the fall of 2017. Bulletin inserts will arrive the week of September 5 for distribution the weekend of September 10-11.

Please consider including these blurbs in your parish bulletins to help us to promote the permanent diaconate program. Consider posting a different one weekly until October 19th.

A Permanent Deacon is a vocation of service to the Church. Men (and their wives) interested in this ordained ministry are invited to attend an information session about the role of a Permanent Deacon and the formation process. Visit www.catholicnh.org/newdeacons for dates and times.

A new class of Permanent Deacons starts next fall. Do you have a calling to become a member of the Church’s ordained ministry? Come and see what being a Permanent Deacon is all about at information sessions scheduled throughout the fall. Visit www.catholicnh.org/newdeacons for dates and times.

Who is a Permanent Deacon and what does he do? Deacons are ordained clergy whose ministry is one of service to the Church. The formation process for a new class of deacons will be starting in the fall of 2017. Interested? come to an upcoming information session this fall. www.catholicnh.org/newdeacons.

Are you called to the Permanent Diaconate? If you are a man over the age of 35, come to an upcoming information session this fall to learn more about the formation process and the ministry. Details at www.catholicnh.org/newdeacons.

Retired Priests Trust Fund

The second collection benefitting the Retired Priests Trust Fund will be taken up the weekend of September 24-25. Bulletin inserts for the collection will arrive the week of September 12, for distribution the weekend of September 17-18.

Bulletin message for weekend of 9/10-11:

Our retired priests have always been there for us, and they still play a vital role in our lives and in our diocese. Help honor their lives of service and devotion with a contribution to the Priests Retirement Trust Fund in next week’s special collection. You can learn more at catholicnh.org/theyserved.

Bulletin message for weekend of 9/17-18:

Thank you for honoring our retired priests’ lives of service and devotion through your contributions to this week’s special collection, taken up on behalf of the Priests Retirement Trust Fund. You can learn more about the Fund, or make a contribution online, at catholicnh.org/theyserved.

Direct questions about these bulletin inserts to Dana Laviano at (603) 663-0185 or dlaviano@rcbm.org

Voting Reminders 

A Message about the Upcoming Elections

We strongly urge all parishioners to register, to become informed of key issues, and to vote. The Church does not support or oppose any candidate but seeks to focus attention on the moral and human dimension of issues. We do not authorize the distribution of partisan political materials on parish property.

New! Voter Series

With elections quickly approaching in November, the choices can be over-whelming. Sign up for Catholic Citizenship News to receive the new weekly voter series from the Diocese of Manchester that will take a look at the issues and questions facing voters this fall. Go to: catholicnh.org/ccnews


Supporting Our Parish Through Electronic Giving

Now you can use your credit card or electronic check to support the mission of (Parish Name). Using electronic giving is easy to do. Go to our website (www.xxx.org) and click on the Giving button. In a few minutes you can be sure that your gift will work every day of the year to help our parish.

Take a Minute; Save Weeks

(Parish Name) is part of your life every day of the year. Now you can be sure your gift to support our parish is there regularly. Sign up for electronic giving and never have to worry about writing a check or remembering a special collection. Go to our website (www.xxx.org) and click on the Giving button. In a few minutes you can be sure that your gift will work every day of the year to help our parish.

A Mission That Clicks

Supporting the mission of (Parish Name) is as easy as One, Two, Click. Sign up for electronic giving and never have to worry about writing a check or remembering a special collection. Go to our website (www.xxx.org) and click on the Giving button. In a few minutes you can be sure that your gift will work every day of the year to help our parish.

Red Mass & Dinner

Bishop Peter A. Libasci and the Catholic Lawyers Guild of New Hampshire cordially invite all members of the judicial, legal, law enforcement, and legislative communities to gather with those who administer law in the Church to the Red Mass on Thursday, October 13, 2016, at 5:15 p.m. at Saint Elizabeth Seton Church in Bedford. Following the Red Mass, the Guild will hold its annual dinner at the Manchester Country Club at which the Guild will honor Attorney Daniel E. Will of Devine Millimet in Manchester with the St. Thomas More Award and Lieutenant John Thomas of the Concord Police Department with the St. Michael Award. For more information, or to purchase tickets to the dinner, please visit www.catholicnh.org/RedMass.

 Priesthood Sunday

October 29/30, 2016

Catholic parishes throughout New Hampshire and the United States will show support for their priests with prayers and special celebrations on the weekend of October 29 and 30. The last Sunday of October has in recent years been designated as Priesthood Sunday, a celebration of the priesthood organized by parish lay leaders and coordinated by the USA Council of Serra International. Serra International is a lay organization whose aim is to foster and promote vocations to the Catholic priesthood and religious life, and encourages its members to fulfill their own Christian vocations to service.

The lay faithful of each parish, school or other ministry are asked to develop their own special way of marking the day and honoring both priesthood and their own priests. Over the past few years parishes have shown their appreciation by hosting receptions after the Masses, placing an ad in the local newspaper honoring their priest, or presenting their priest with personalized notes reminding him of what he does to bring people closer to Christ.

For more information on Priesthood Sunday go to: www.priestsunday.org

Understanding Human Trafficking

On November 19 from 9:00 am to Noon, join Bishop Peter A. Libasci at the 8th annual Catholics in the Public Square event at the NH Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College to learn from experts about the crisis of human trafficking. Jasmine Marino, a survivor and advocate for women currently enslaved, will share her message of survival, faith, and hope. Additional speakers will explain the types of trafficking, signs that a person is being trafficked, what you can do to help. This event is free but advance registration is required at catholicnh.org/publicsquare or by contacting Kimberly Low at klow@rcbm.org or (603) 663-0131.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends

Sept. 17-18, 2016

The Gospel tells us “The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones”. God has entrusted your spouse to your care – are you trustworthy in that care? The next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends are on October 22-23 and December 2-4. For more information call Steve and Michelle O’Leary at 1-800-710-WWME, visit our webpage at www.wwme.org, or at https://www.facebook.com/wwmema

Download Flyer

Sept. 24-25, 2016

As men and women of God we are to “pursue righteousness, devotion, faith, love, patience and gentleness.” We are called to keep his commandment to love one another as he has loved us. Is this evident in your lives and marriages? Strengthen, renew and rekindle your marriage by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter on October 22-23 and December 2-4. For more information call Steve and Michelle O’Leary at 1-800-710-WWME, visit our webpage at www.wwme.org, or at https://www.facebook.com/wwmema

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catholicnh.org en Español


The Diocese of Manchester has created a web page for Spanish-speaking Catholics, with information about the Church and ministries of our diocese. Visit www.catholicnh.org/en-espanol to learn more.

La Diócesis de Manchester ha creado una página web para los católicos de habla hispana, con información sobre la Iglesia y los ministerios de nuestra diócesis. Visita www.catholicnh.org/en-espanol para aprender más.

Code of Conduct 

Did you know that the Diocese of Manchester has a Code of Conduct? This Code of Conduct, known as Serving Christ, Serving Others, applies to all Church personnel. “Church personnel” not only refers to priests, deacons, and religious men and women, it also includes all those who regularly work or volunteer at diocesan parishes, schools and camps. Some examples are: lectors, ushers, catechists, day care staff and volunteers, Catholic school volunteers, Boy Scout leaders, CYO coaches, youth ministers, members of pastoral and finance councils, choir directors and members, and parish outreach workers.

The Serving Christ, Serving Others Code of Conduct is available online at catholicnh.org/codeofconduct or, if you would like a printed copy, please contact the office.

Natural Family Planning

There is a healthy, life-giving, alternative to contraception and artificial reproductive technologies. The Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaProTechnology, effective to achieve and avoid pregnancy, offers couples who are experiencing infertility the hope of achieving pregnancy while following the teachings of their Church. For more information contact: Marguerite d’Youville FertilityCare Services at 603-232-3141 or MargueriteFertilityCare@gmail.com.

Support for Separated & Divorced 

Divorce and separation can be painful experiences. Support groups are available to those who are seeking healing, comfort, and empowerment. Visit www.catholicnh.org/support for a listing of groups. Do you know someone who is going through a separation or divorce? Please consider passing this information along to them.

Keep Up-to-Date on State House News

The NH Legislature is starting a new session, and more than 650 bills are on the agenda. Measures include the repeal of the death penalty, physician-assisted suicide, abortion clinic licensing, and support for victims of human trafficking. Register now for Catholic Citizenship News, the public policy enewsletter of the Diocese of Manchester, to receive updates as bills progress and learn how your voice can make a difference. To read the current issue of Catholic Citizenship News and to subscribe, visit catholicnh.org/ccn.

Catholic Citizenship News 

The Diocese of Manchester has an initiative to inform Catholics about important public policy matters facing our elected officials. Catholic Citizenship News provides briefs on legislation as well as information about Catholic social teaching on some of today’s pressing issues. To read the current issue of Catholic Citizenship News and to subscribe, visit www.catholicnh.org/ccn.

Attention Bulletin Editors: Help us to spread the word about Catholic Citizenship News with these new bulletin ads available in different sizes.

How to Report Suspected Abuse 

If you know of or suspect abuse or neglect of a minor (a person under 18), you must report it to the NH Division for Children, Youth and Families at 1-800-894-5533 or 603-271-6556.

As an employee or volunteer in the Catholic Church in New Hampshire, in addition to reporting to DCYF, if you know of or suspect sexual abuse of a minor by Church personnel you must also report it to:

1. Local law enforcement and the Delegate for Ministerial Conduct if the abuse involves a minor

2. Delegate for Ministerial Conduct if the abuse involves a person who is no longer a minor

Delegate for Ministerial Conduct - 603-669-3100 

Outreach Services for Victims and Their Families

If you or a loved one has experienced abuse by someone representing the Catholic Church, we urge you to contact the diocesan Office for Healing and Pastoral Care at (603) 669-3100 x 110. Help is available.

Child Safety Links for Parish Websites 

Parishes and schools are asked to inform adults about the procedures for reporting suspected abuse. An easy way to do this is to post the following graphic link on your website:

How to Report Abuse

Link to: www.catholicnh.org/report

Here is another graphic that can be used on your website to link to our online child safety training, Not on My Watch.

Child Safety Training

Link to: www.shieldthevulnerable.org

Order a Portrait of Bishop Libasci

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Prayers & Intercessions
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Special Collections
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