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Catholic Press Awards

The Catholic Press Awards recognizes the contributions and hard work of association members throughout 2012. We are delighted that Parable, the magazine of the Diocese of Manchester was recognized in the following categories:

2nd Place – Best Coverage of the Election and Forming Conscience
Catholic Social Teaching
by Bishop Peter A. Libasci, Caroline Blonski, Gary Bouchard, Kevin Donovan, Dana Laviano, James Lockwood

Comment from the Judges: An extremely comprehensive guide to the issues relevant to Catholic voters.

2nd Place – Best Single Color Photo
Parish Profile
by Matthew Lomanno

Comment from the Judges: The picture shows you exactly the point of the story. Also the photographer found a different point of view to make this photograph that much more interesting.

3rd Place – Best Regular Column – Spiritual Life
Profile in Holiness
by Cynthia Nicolosi, Ph.D.

Comment from the Judges: Quality profiles of the saintly life.

3rd Place – Best Illustration
Witness to History
by Cameron Bennett

Comment from the Judges: The visual layers/depth of the illustration creates a timeline/passage of time effect and the depth draws the viewer into the illustration.


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