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Questions and Answers on Catholic Schools

How is faith practiced and taught in Catholic schools? 

Each school provides a safe and challenging environment where high academic standards are joined with high moral values. Our Catholic schools promote spiritual, moral, social, and physical growth as well as academic success for each student.

Prayer, reflection, and study of the Catholic faith are integrated throughout daily activities. The Sacraments, Sacred Scripture, and Catholic Tradition prepare students to work for a more just and peaceful world. Teachers, staff, parents, and students consistently model the Great Commandment through example, attitudes, and interactions.

What sort of sports and other extra-curricular activities are offered by Catholic schools? 

Catholic schools offer a wide variety of athletic programs, musical programs, arts, and other extra-curricular activities. CLICK HERE for a listing of Catholic schools in New Hampshire to find what sort of extra-curriculars are offered at the schools near you.

What kind of financial aid is available from Catholic schools? 

Each school will have a financial aid program. This aid is given based on economic need. The school, in consultation with the Department of Catholic Schools, will determine the amount of financial aid available for distribution each year and the criteria for disbursement. Please consult the individual school to find out more about financial aid. 

A new law provides scholarship support to New Hampshire families who want to enroll their children in the nonpublic school of their choice, including a Catholic school. Nonprofit scholarship organizations grant scholarships to New Hampshire children age 5 to 20 who have not graduated from high school. To learn more about the Education Tax Credit Scholarships available to qualifying students, please CLICK HERE or visit www.csfnewhampshire.org

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