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Diocesan School Board

The Mission of the Board

The mission of the Diocesan School Board is to further the advancement of quality primary and secondary Catholic education in the Diocese of Manchester by serving as the main consultative body on school affairs to the Bishop and the Superintendent of Schools. The Board promotes a strong Catholic identity in the schools, recommends policy, offers financial advice, serves as a public relations resource, and encourages and facilitates strategic planning and development.

Membership on the Board

The Board includes voting members as well as ex-officio members who do not vote. The non-voting ex-officio members are the Superintendent and the Associate/Assistant Superintendent(s). The Board has no fewer than fifteen (15) and no more than twenty-five (25) voting members, comprised of the laity, religious, and clergy. The Board endeavors to have representation from each deanery within the Diocese and to invite to the Board individuals from a variety of backgrounds, occupations, and professions.

The Members of the Board, 2014-2015

  • Natalie Brankin, Manchester (Chair)
  • Deacon Jay Cormier, Ph.D., Londonderry (Vice Chair)
  • Dr. Mary Kate Donais, Manchester
  • Dr. Kelly Moore Dunn, Manchester
  • Joseph Emmons, Goffstown
  • Eileen Kennedy, Pembroke
  • Edward J. LaPalme, III, Manchester
  • Daniel J. LaPlante, CFA, Hancock
  • Charlie McKinney, Amherst
  • Michael Morgan, Exeter
  • Rev. Andrew Nelson, Berlin
  • Dr. Kenneth Nivison, Manchester
  • Lynn Solomon, Wilmot
  • Kara Sweeney, Esq., Bow
  • Briand T. Wade, Esq., Portsmouth
  • Carolann Wais, Hooksett
  • David Thibault, Superintendent of Schools (ex officio)
  • Dr. Ronald Fussell, Jr., Associate Superintendent of Schools (ex officio)
  • Alison Mueller, Director of Enrollment (ex officio)

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