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The following post is contributed by Ronald D. Fussell, Ed.D, Associate Superintendent. Dr. Fussell will be presenting at the Institute of Catholic School Leaders in July on Bridging the Gap Between Lay Education Formation and Catholic School Identity. Read more

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Students Celebrate the Feast of Saint Benedict
St. Thomas Aquinas High School Students Recognized at Boston University's Model UN Conference

Superintendent's Message

Since last Tuesday when my children bustled off to their first day, I have been reflecting on the value of the education they receive at their beautiful Catholic school. As a product of Catholic schools, a father who has been fortunate enough to send his children to Catholic schools, and now Superintendent of Catholic schools, you would think I could quickly regurgitate the “top ten” reasons to send your kids to Catholic schools or cite statistics demonstrating academic success shown in test scores and college admission rates. The truth is I can’t. And although this data is important, the true value of a Catholic education may only be found in its purpose, the salvation of souls. Read More

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The mission of Catholic Schools in New Hampshire is to prepare students through the sacraments, sacred scripture, Catholic tradition, and high academic standards, and to inspire them to become transformative leaders working toward a more just and peaceful world. Learn more about Catholic schools in the links below.

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