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  • The Catholic Faith Formation Center in Keene offers a variety of courses, experiences and retreats. Visit www.swnhcatholics.com/cffc.html for offerings at the Catholic Faith Formation Center in Keene.
  • STM Online: Crossroads is a Boston College initiative offering online, non-credit courses that provide stimulating opportunities for spirituality and renewal. View course offerings and find out more at www.bc.edu/schools/stm/crossroads.
  • STEP, an effort of the University of Notre Dame Institute for Church Life, is open to any adult Catholic looking to deepen his/her faith or any minister who seeks continuing education. Because the Diocese of Manchester partners with the University in this effort, any individual from the Diocese receives a 50 percent discount per course. For a complete list of courses visit step.nd.edu.
  • Rivier University offers an institute for seniors, Rivier Institute for Senior Education (RISE) on campus in Nashua. Please visit www.rivier.edu/rise for further information.
  • St. Joseph College, Maine offers online and in-person courses available at a 10 percent discount for the Diocese of Manchester. For a list of courses, visit www.sjcme.edu.
  • Camino - Formación Teológica por Internet

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