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StaffJob titleEmailPhone
Ms. Mary Averill Assistant Director of Parish and School Financial Services maverill@rcbm.org (603) 663-0158
Mr. Thomas P. Bebbington Director of Communication tbebbington@rcbm.org (603) 663-0150
Mr. Eric J. Bermani Music ministry EBermani@stjosephcathedralnh.org
Rev. Msgr. Paul Bouchard V.F. Defender of the Bond, Promoter of Justice pbouchard@tribunal.rcbm.org (603) 669-3101
Ms. Theresa Bradford Central Fund/Accounts Payable tbradford@rcbm.org (603) 663-0130
Mr. Rolla (Mac) McFall Bryant Finance Officer and Cabinet Secretary for Temporalities mbryant@rcbm.org (603) 663-0117
Kathryn Buttrick Executive secretary kbuttrick@rcbm.org
Most Rev. Francis Christian Ph.D. Auxiliary Bishop of Manchester fmorasse@rcbm.org (603) 663-0120
Very Rev. Michael Ciccone O.P. Vicar for Ordained Ministry and Liturgical Worship mcicconeop@rcbm.org (603) 669-3100
Meredith P. Cook Esq. Director of the Office of Public Policy mcook@rcbm.org (603) 663-0148
Ms. Jane Cosmo Tribunal Auditor jcosmo@tribunal.rcbm.org (603) 669-3101
Ms. Kathryn Costa Graphic Designer and Web Content Specialist kcosta@rcbm.org (603) 663-0137
Ms. Mary Ellen D'Intino Delegate for Ministerial Conduct, Compliance Officer and Director of Safe Environment Office medintino@rcbm.org (603) 663-0149
Very Rev. Georges de Laire J.V., J.C.L. Judicial Vicar gdelaire@tribunal.rcbm.org (603) 669-3101
Mrs. Irene Nolin de Repentigny Administrative assistant INolinderepentigny@RCBM.org (603) 663-0177
Ms. Annette Desmond Executive Secretary adesmond@rcbm.org (603) 663-0110
Mr. Michael Drumm Executive Director of Camping Services mdrumm@bfcamp.com (603) 364-5851, Ext. 110
Ms. Jo-Ann Ellison Administrative assistant jellison@rcbm.org (603) 663-0147
Ms. Melanie English Administrative Assistant menglish@rcbm.org (603) 663-0166
Ms. Colleen Foote Accounting Supervisor - Central Finances cfoote@rcbm.org (603) 663-0157
Ronald D. Fussell Ed.D. Associate Superintendent of Schools rfussell@rcbm.org (603) 669-3100, Ext. 143
Mr. David Gabert Director of Parish and School Financial Services dgabert@rcbm.org (603) 663-0191
Rev. Msgr. Donald Gilbert J.C.L. Tribunal Judge dgilbert@tribunal.rcbm.org (603) 669-3101
Ms. Patricia Goneau Controller pgoneau@rcbm.org (603) 663-0141
Ms. Kelly Goudreau Director of Parish Faith Formation kgoudreau@rcbm.org (603) 663-0145
Ms. Christine Hagen Director of Human Resources chagen@rcbm.org (603) 663-0161
Mr. Tony Haley Operations Coordinator thaley@rcbm.org (603) 669-3100
Mr. Paul Harrington Director Secretary for Real Estate pharrington@rcbm.org (603) 663-0118
Ms. Celia Heavisides Website and Data Management Specialist cheavisides@rcbm.org (603) 663-0139
Ms. Katherine Hebert Department Secretary, Ecclesiastical Notary khebert@tribunal.rcbm.org (603) 669-3101
Mr. Dennis Honan Director of Operations and Administration dhonan@rcbm.org (603) 663-0112
Rev. Jason Jalbert Director of Office of Vocations and Office for Worship jjalbert@rcbm.org (603) 663-0132
Mrs. Monique Kaminski Ecclesiastical notary mkaminski@tribunal.rcbm.org (603) 669-3101
Ms. Debra A. Keane Executive Assistant dkeane@rcbm.org (603) 663-0155
Ms. Dana Laviano Administrative Assistant dlaviano@rcbm.org (603) 663-0185
Ms. Louise LeDuc Executive Secretary lleduc@rcbm.org (603) 663-0129
Most Rev. Peter A. Libasci Bishop of Manchester lleduc@rcbm.org (603) 669-3100
Ms. Kimberly Low Executive Secretary klow@rcbm.org (603) 663-0133
Ms. Mary Ellen Mahon Cabinet Secretary for Catholic Formation & Director for Parish Faith Formation memahon@rcbm.org (603) 663-0159
Ms. Christine Marra Ecclesiastical Notary cmarra@tribunal.rcbm.org (603) 669-3101
Most Rev. John McCormack D.D. Bishop Emeritus adesmond@rcbm.org (603) 669-3100
Mr. Derek McDonald Director of Family Life Ministries dmcdonald@rcbm.org (603) 663-0171
Deacon Gregory McGinn Director of the Office of the Permanent Deacon Formation gmcginn@rcbm.org (603) 663-0142
Mrs. Wendy McGrath Director of Canonical Services wmcgrath@tribunal.rcbm.org (603) 669-3101
Ms. Barbara Miles Historical archivist catholicarchivesnh@gmail.com (603) 232-3980
Ms. Eve Mongeau Safe Environment Assistant emongeau@rcbm.org (603) 663-0109
Ms. Franceen Morasse Executive Secretary fmorasse@rcbm.org (603) 663-0120
Ms. Alison L. Mueller Director of Enrollment Management amueller@rcbm.org (603) 663-0174
Mr. Joseph Naff MSW Director of Office for Healing and Pastoral Care (603) 663-0110
Ms. Irene Nolin de Repentigny Administrative Assistant inolinderepentigny@rcbm.org (603) 663-0177
Mrs. Michelle Parks Tribunal advocate mparks@tribunal.rcbm.org (603) 669-3100
Mrs. Christine Patterson Tribunal auditor cpatterson@tribunal.rcbm.org (603) 669-3101
Ms. Shirley Pedrick Ecclesiastical Notary spedrick@tribunal.rcbm.org (603) 669-3101
Ms. Diane Quinlan Secretary for Administration dquinlan@rcbm.org (603) 663-0101
Ms. Mary Jane Silvia Director of Adult Faith Formation mjsilvia@rcbm.org (603) 663-0172
Ms. Sara Smith Camp Registrar ssmith@bfcamp.com (603) 364-5851
Ms. Beth Squeglia Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Catholic Schools bsqueglia@rcbm.org (603) 663-0140
Mr. David A. Thibault Superintendent of Schools dthibault@rcbm.org (603) 669-3100
Mrs. Joanne Towle Camp Business Manager jtowle@bfcamp.com (603) 364-5851
Mrs. Rebecca Vinson Administrative assistant rvinson@rcbm.org (603) 663-0153
Ms. Sarah Jane von Haack Parable Magazine Editor sjvonhaack@rcbm.org (603) 663-0175

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