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Wedding Anniversary Mass

Over the past 30+ years, the Diocese of Manchester has celebrated a special liturgy that affirmed the sacredness of Christian Marriages, and expressed gratitude for those marriages that have grown through the years. Bishop Peter A. Libasci invites all couples who are celebrating their 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th, 50th or beyond Wedding Anniversary (anytime during the year 2014), to attend a Special Anniversary Mass.

Important Dates:

August 13, 2014 - Couples interested in attending need to contact their parish by this date.

August 15, 2014 - Parishes need to submit their "Couples Response Form." Only couples listed on these forms receive invitations to the special anniversary Mass.

September 15, 2014 - RSVP from couples who have received invitations.

October 5, 2014 - Special Anniversary Mass at Saint Anselm Abbey Church, Manchester.

Memo to Parishes

Couples Response Form

Bulletin Announcement

 Featured Couples from Our 2013 Celebration

We met up with three couples who are celebrating a milestone year to ask them what advice they would offer to young engaged couples.

Ron and Mary Ellen Poulin

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Mary Ellen and Ron Poulin are parishioners at Corpus Christi Parish, Portsmouth. Ron and Mary Ellen met through friends, and they have found it important to be soul mates, that is, have the same goals in life and to at the same time be open to discuss situations they have encountered throughout their married life. When asked what she would advise an engaged couple, Mary Ellen said, “Take the opportunity to discuss with a professional the many aspects of your coming life together like managing a home, making sure that family comes first, and how you will keep the lines of communication open.”

Edward and Kathleen Whittemore

Edward and Kathleen Whittemore, parishioners of Holy Trinity Parish, Plymouth, feel that being best friends has brought them to the point of celebrating 40 years of marriage. “It’s all coming together now,” remarked Edward, “We have just had our first grandson six weeks ago. He is only a short drive away, and I can’t get enough of him.” Through the many ups and downs of married life, the Whittemores would encourage a young couple to “stick it out and continue to love one another.”

Peter and Jeanne Clarner

“When you get married, you need to remember that it is a sacrament between you, your spouse and God,” begins Jeanne when asked about advice for a young engaged couple. “You can’t lose focus on that.” Jeanne and Peter Clarner, members of St. Theresa Parish, Henniker, celebrate 45 years of marriage this year. They have always felt that they can discuss anything and everything with one another. Jeanne and Peter have always relied on God. It is harder in some ways for young couples today, they admit, in a materialistic society. However, their grandchildren all attend Catholic school, and in that way their children and grandchildren maintain focus.

CLICK HERE to see more photos from the Wedding Anniversary Mass.

All photos by Matthew Lomanno.

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