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Preparation for a New Marriage

Special Preparation for a New Marriage

If the decision of the Tribunal is to grant a Declaration of Invalidity, and if this is upheld on appeal, then the parties are free to prepare for a new marriage. In many cases, the Tribunal offers special assistance to one or both of the parties to ensure that their marital preparation includes a frank discussion of the problems evident in their previous marriage. This special assistance can take several forms, but always involves the party and their intended spouse.

For cases in which a party is placed under Recommendation, the priest, deacon, or pastoral associate assisting that party in the marriage preparations may be asked to discuss specific points with the couple during their marriage preparation sessions.

For cases in which a party is placed under Prohibition, the couple may be asked by the Tribunal to visit a Court-appointed family therapist or counselor or discuss specific concerns together, so that the therapist or counselor can recommend subsequent treatments, the couple preparing for marriage would absorb counseling fees for additional visits.

Lastly, the Tribunal may impose or request an additional time of preparation or condition that must be met before a new marriage is contracted.

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