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Thinking About Remarriage

For those looking for information on the annulment process, visit the Marriage Annulments page. 

“Thinking about Remarriage” is a daylong program for couples (where one or both were previously married) who are thinking about marriage or who are engaged to be married. Sponsored by the Diocese of Manchester, and presented by a Catholic priest and couples who have remarried, this program helps couples take an in-depth look at and discuss major issues related to remarriage. This includes

  • Emotional closure of the first marriage
  • Expectations and key issues of the new marriage
  • The blending of children and families
  • Continuing relationships among extended family members, community, and the Church

Office of Marriage Ministry
(603) 669-3100, Ext. 173
Kelly and Diane Marchek, Coordinators

2017 Dates

Saturday, January 21, 2017 - Sullivan Room at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish, 190 Meetinghouse Road, Bedford, NH

Saturday, May 20, 2017St. Pius X Parish Center, 165 Sarto Street, Manchester, NH

$80 per couple (includes lunch and beverage)
9 am - 4 pm

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In your experience what would be most helpful for engaged couples to know?

Kelly Marchek: When I meet with engaged couples, I relate to them how important it has been for me and my wife to keep God at the center of our marriage. By having a strong faith grounded in God, we have grown in greater love for each other and have had the strength to face many trials.

Diane Marchek: Engaged couples need to know that they are not alone. If couples choose to invite God into their marriage, then they can make it through all kinds of circumstances. After God, your number one priority has to be your relationship with your spouse. Put no other person above your spouse. Keep your marriage alive by having date nights with your spouse. Make a point of scheduling quality time communicating with your spouse. The number one reason marriages fail is because spouses fail to communicate. They also need to know that their lives and experiences (whether from childhood or previous marriage) will have an affect on their new marriage. Especially former marriages with children. The former spouse has shared in the early years of their children. Traditions have been formed. The method of raising a child is frequently different between couples considering remarriage. If there are children on both sides, as in any family, there are typically huge personality differences that need to be addressed. Lastly, as in any family, you can’t force your children to like each other; it’s even harder when it’s a blended family. 

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