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Enduring Love - Guidelines for Marriage Prep

Are you engaged or considering engagement? Congratulations! The booklet below will guide you in your wonderful journey towards the altar and will make you one step closer to starting a strong, Christian marriage.

The Church community creates the opportunity for dialogue and personal assessment, providing the support and encouragement for you to “marry well.” The Diocesan Marriage Guidelines presented here are designed to pastorally guide you as you evaluate your own relationship and deepen it before a permanent commitment is made. The primary goal is to assist you as you prepare for a sacramental marriage, a lasting union in which Christ is always present, making both of you ministers of Christ’s love to each other and the whole world.

When it is determined that you are ready to be married in the Church, you will be asked to participate in marriage preparation, which may vary in structure from parish to parish. Speak with someone on your parish staff who is responsible for marriage preparation to determine which format would be best for you.

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