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Resources for Pastors: 10 Tips for Attracting New Catholics

When speaking about the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) process, some parishes say, "We do not have anyone expressing interest in becoming a Catholic."

This raises the question of how we invite people. Do you have an RCIA process in place? Is there an identified contact person who can provide information and follow-up? Are parishioners invited each year to become involved in RCIA ministry as a team member, sponsor, hospitality person, etc.? Are new or relatively new team members encouraged to participate in the diocesan workshops that support RCIA teams? Read the full article: Ten Tips for Attracting New Catholics.

RCIA Coordinators Information Sheet

Many RCIA Coordinators generously volunteer their time and talent to their parishes. Oftentimes there is a change in contact information such as e-mail, address or telephone. In order to keep RCIA Coordinators current, The Catechumenate Office is requesting you to fill out an update form, if there are changes. You may return this form electronically, by regular mail or fax (603-669-0377) or send the information in an e-mail to mjsilvia@rcbm.org.

Resources for Parish RCIA Coordinators and Their Pastors

For more information, please contact:
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