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Papal Audiences

Bishops’ Office for United States Visitors to the Vatican
Casa Santa Maria
Pontifical North American College
Via dell’Umilta, 30
00187, Roma, Italia
Rome Tel.
E-mail: visitorsoffice@pnac.org
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General Information

For pilgrims coming to Rome, there are several opportunities to see the Pope. Pilgrims may attend a general audience, a Papal liturgy, or one of the Holy Father’s blessings on Sundays and Holy Days.

  • General Audiences - The Holy Father holds a General Audience most Wednesday mornings in Vatican City at 10:30 a.m. Tickets are required for audiences held in St. Peter’s Square or the Paul VI audience hall. The audience is a chance to pray with the Holy Father and receive his blessing, which is imparted to all present and to their families and friends. In your ticket request, please include: your name or the names of those attending; the date of the audience you would like to attend; the number of people in the party (see information below for groups larger than 10); (optional) additional information about your parish involvement or reasons for making a pilgrimage to Rome.
  • Newlyweds - To qualify as a newlywed couple (Sposi Novelli), couples must be married within 2 months of the audience they wish to attend, carrying with them a copy of the Sacramental Marriage Certificate signed by their priest, and wearing their wedding attire. The Holy Father will bless them for a happy wedded life when he gives his general blessing at the conclusion of the Papal audience. For more information regarding Sposi Novelli tickets, please e-mail: visitorsoffice@pnac.org.
  • Papal Masses & Liturgies - Throughout the liturgical year, the Holy Father celebrates Masses for Solemnities and other special occasions. These include Christmas Eve (December 24), Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God (January 1), the Epiphany (January 6), Palm Sunday, Holy Week liturgies, Easter Sunday, as well as canonizations/beatifications and other extraordinary occasions. Please see the Ticket section for more information.
  • Sunday Angelus - The Holy Father leads the faithful in praying the Angelus on Sundays and Holy Days at 12 noon from the window of his study overlooking Saint Peter’s Square or (occasionally during the summer) at the papal residence in Castel Gandolfo. At the conclusion of the Angelus, Pope Francis will give his Apostolic Blessing, which extends to you, your loved ones, and any devotional items that you have brought with you to be blessed. No tickets are required to attend the Angelus. To find out if an Angelus is scheduled, please CLICK HERE for the official schedule.
  • Dress Code - Dress in good taste at Papal events is required, and the following dress code will be enforced as pilgrims pass through the security check points: both shoulders and knees must be completely covered; shorts are not permitted; skirts should fall in length below the knee; a head covering is not required, but you may find it useful in the summer sun.


All tickets for Papal Liturgies and General Audiences are free and can be obtained directly from the Bishop’s Office for United States Visitors to the Vatican. Please send an e-mail outlining your request (the dates of your stay in Rome, the number of tickets requested, etc.). Your request must be submitted at least two weeks in advance for proper processing. You may make your request for tickets:

  • By e-mail: visitorsoffice@pnac.org
  • By Phone (from USA):
  • By Fax (from USA):
  • By Mail:

    Bishops’ Office for United States Visitors to the Vatican
    North American College – Casa Santa Maria
    Via dell’Umilta, 30 — 00187 Rome, Italy
  • Groups & group choirs - Groups larger than 10 are encouraged to give the name of their parish, school, or organization, the name of the group leader/priest leader, number of persons in the group, and the name of the city and state where they are located so that their group can be publicly announced at the Audience. Choirs who wish to sing for the Holy Father for 45 seconds are kindly requested to give advance notice of their request.
  • Tickets for General Audiences - Wednesday Papal Audience tickets are available for pick-up between 3 and 7 p.m. on the evening before the audience from the office located on Via dell’Umilta, 30.
  • Tickets for Papal Masses and Liturgies - Tickets are required for the Papal Masses and Liturgies and can be requested through the Pontifical North American College Visitors’ Office by e-mailing visitorsoffice@pnac.org. Ticket pickup information will be included in the personal response you receive from the Visitors’ Office.

The Visitor’s Office is located within the Pontifical North American College at Via dell’Umilta, 30 in Rome’s Historic Center - between the Trevi Fountain and the Piazza Venezia.

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