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How did you hear the good news today?

Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet—all are places people go to get news and entertainment. But what do we get, exactly, when we turn on “the tube” or log on to the Internet? Good News? Not usually?

As a result of your support of the Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC), Catholics and all media consumers have increased opportunities to find Gospel-grounded messages and resources to strengthen their families and their faith.

Not only does the CCC make Parable, eNews and a vibrant website possible in our diocese, but it enables us to bring you top quality programs and features from across the country. The highly popular Lenten Radio Retreat, For Your Marriage and USCCB Video are just a few examples of what CCC delivers to our Church in New Hampshire.

Catholics are asked to contribute generously to CCC. Half of all donations received will remain in our diocese to fund local Catholic communication efforts. 

Donate online:

CLICK HERE for bulletin editor resources for the Catholic Communication Campaign.

Thank you for your generous response.

Good News Gets Around

For more than 25 years, the Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC) has been spreading the Gospel message locally and nationally on radio, television, in print, and on the Internet. It is only through donations from Catholic parishioners that the work of the CCC is possible.

  • In New Hampshire the CCC helps Catholics receive Parable, an instrument for the Diocese to tell the Good News of Jesus Christ through the stories of the faithful in New Hampshire.
  • In addition the Diocesan website, www.catholicnh.org, receives support from the CCC. The website brings news, information and messages about our Church and Faith to a wide audience in New Hampshire and the world.
  • eNews, an electronic newsletter, reaching pastors and those working and volunteering in parishes with timely updates, announcements and information about events and happenings in the diocese, was made possible by support from the collection.
  • Catholic Citizenship News, keeps Catholics informed about important public policy matters facing our elected officials, is also supported by the CCC. Catholic Citizenship News is an electronic newsletter which provides a brief summary of the latest public issues, provides links for more information on Catholic social teaching and legislative current events, and offers information on how you can get involved.
  • Nationally the CCC supports a variety of communication efforts, many of which are featured on the diocesan website. The bishop asks Catholics to contribute generously to the CCC. Over half of the collection will remain in our diocese to help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and his Church.

The Catholic Communication Campaign—it’s how the Good News gets around.

Convinced that there is more than just “bad"news that is occurring? The Diocese of Manchester offers you the doorway to a wide range of helpful information and news.


    Take a look at the "world seen from Rome" through the messages of the Pope and the Holy See. Presented in multiple languages, ZENIT informs about the topics, debates and events that are especially interesting to Christians worldwide.
  • CatholicTV

    CatholicTV, the Archdiocese of Boston-based television network broadcasts religious programming and live events 24/7.

    CatholicTV/CatholicTV.com is a beacon of Hope and a unique Herald of the simple, yet profound Message of Jesus Christ, Who is made truly present among us in the Breaking of the Bread.

    Utilizing powerful technology, CatholicTV strives to connect People of Faith. Through relevant, inspiring and prayerful programming CatholicTV educates, teaching the Wisdom of God in the Catholic Tradition, endeavoring to move people of all ages, cultures and attitudes toward the Fullness of Life.

Bulletin Editor Resources 

Weekend of May 19-20

The Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC) follows the Holy Father’s direction that we make good use of our digital presence in the world by spreading the ideals of the Catholic faith.  The CCC collection helps spread the Good News through the Diocese of Manchester website catholicNH.org, electronic newsletters eNews and Catholic Citizenship News, and Parable Magazine (parablemag.com). Your generosity will help us to spread the good news. To donate directly online, visit catholicNH.org/giving.

Weekend of May 26-27

Thank you for your generosity in last week’s collection for the Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC). With your support, thousands of faithful across New Hampshire will gain a deeper understanding of their faith through the Diocese of Manchester website catholicNH.org, the electronic newsletters eNews and Catholic Citizenship News, and Parable Magazine (parablemag.com). To donate directly online, visit catholicNH.org/giving.

Bulletin Inserts

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