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Resources for Pastors: 10 Tips for Attracting New Catholics

When speaking about the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) process, some parishes say, "We do not have anyone expressing interest in becoming a Catholic."

This raises the question of how we invite people. Do you have an RCIA process in place? Is there an identified contact person who can provide information and follow-up? Are parishioners invited each year to become involved in RCIA ministry as a team member, sponsor, hospitality person, etc.? Are new or relatively new team members encouraged to participate in the diocesan workshops that support RCIA teams? Read the full article: Ten Tips for Attracting New Catholics.

RCIA Coordinators Information Sheet

Many RCIA Coordinators generously volunteer their time and talent to their parishes.Often there is a change in personnel or in contact information such as e-mail, address or telephone. In order to keep the RCIA Coordinator list current, please fill out a printable update form.

You may return the printable form by regular mail or fax (603-669-0377), or fill out the Google form.

You may also send the information in an e-mail to mjsilvia@rcbm.org.

Resources for Parish RCIA Coordinators and Their Pastors

For more information, please contact:
Mary Jane Silvia
Director of Adult Faith Formation
(603) 663-0172

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