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A Prayer By Students for Teachers

The following prayer written by 8th grade students of Mrs. O’Brien at St. Elizabeth Seton School in Rochester was presented to the SES teachers at their recent staff meeting. The prayer was also presented to and read by Fr. John during his visit to the school.

A Prayer by Students for Teachers

God, please give me the grace of growing in my faith so I can be more like you.
Help my faith grow for the rest of my life.
Help me to understand and become closer to you.
I am grateful for the family I have, the friends I have, and the education I receive.
I am grateful for all the teachers who have led me down an important path in my faith and have brought me closer to God.
I am grateful for having the opportunity to go to this school. I am very lucky to be here…
Thank you God for letting me experience you through my friends and teachers, who really care for me.
God, I have felt you in this school when I am in the Chapel.
God, I experience you when we have prayer and we all pray for one another.
Please forgive me for my forgetfulness and my lack of effort in some things.
Please forgive me for the times I didn’t pay attention or wasn’t respectful.
Please forgive me for the times that I have disappointed you.
God, give me the grace to become a better person and grow in my faith.
God, please give me the grace to be more like the red trees of the fall, to turn to you and open my heart to you.
God, give me the grace to believe in you and all you do.
I pray that my teachers grow in their faith and may use their knowledge of the faith to teach others.
I pray that my teachers continue to be like Jesus.
I pray that my teachers will follow and trust in God’s plan for them and that they will know that they are very appreciated and loved by their students.


(Written together by St. Elizabeth Seton School's 8th grade Class of 2015)

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Superintendent's Message

During the fall, I visit all the Catholic elementary and secondary schools in New Hampshire, both diocesan and independent. I go to the classrooms and spend time with the students, talking about my job and answering questions. And, believe me, I get some interesting questions, from “How many children do you have?” to “What’s your favorite kind of French fry?” and everything in between. The visits are truly delightful and encouraging. Occasionally after a particular visit I receive notes and cards from the young people I have visited. Here are two of the many I have received this year. The first is from a student at St. Elizabeth Seton School in Rochester; the second is from the fourth grade class at Sacred Heart School in Hampton. Read More

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