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My Favorite Teacher Contest Winner

St. Thomas Aquinas High School sophomore Mary Ellen MacMillan recently nominated her biology teacher, Mr. Ron Holtz, for Barnes and Noble’s “My Favorite Teacher” essay contest. It isn’t surprising that her well-written descriptive essay – one that details Mr. Holtz’s sense of humor, energy, passion and dedication- won the contest. “Mr. Holtz kept us on our toes with silly topic-related jokes and thought-provoking questions, reinforcing what we were learning and giving us an easier way to remember it,” Mary Ellen reflected in her essay. At the end of the day and at the end of the journey, what sticks in the minds of students is how a teacher made them feel. “Mr. Holtz cares for not only his current students, but for all the students attending St. Thomas Aquinas.” Ron Holtz was recognized at a special ceremony at the Newington Barnes and Noble store on Saturday, April 11. In attendance were St. Thomas Aquinas faculty, staff and students including, of course, the essay author Mary Ellen MacMillan.

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Superintendent's Message

It has been the Church’s constant teaching that parents are the first and primary educators of their children. The formation of children is an act of love. It is the family which is the first school for teaching children about the natural virtues (prudence, justice, courage, temperance) and supernatural virtues (faith, hope, and charity). Parents, by their words and deeds, by their attitudes and demeanor, by their care and compassion, by the way they raise, govern and, yes, even discipline their children, serve as models to them of those very virtues into which they wish to see their children grow. No one can take the place of parents/guardians in this regard: they stand in the place of Christ the Teacher, who, too, comes to each of us in love. They are his vice-regents and deputies. Read More

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The mission of Catholic Schools in New Hampshire is to prepare students through the sacraments, sacred scripture, Catholic tradition, and high academic standards, and to inspire them to become transformative leaders working toward a more just and peaceful world. Learn more about Catholic schools in the links below.

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