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CCHD Multimedia Youth Contest

How can we respond to poverty in the US? That was the challenge put to 7-12 graders of Catholic schools by the USCCB CCHD in a Multimedia Contest. Here is another student entry. The winner will be announced Jan 23!

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Help Elect Linda Aletto from St. Joseph Regional Catholic School in Salem as Life Changer of the Year

Have you thanked the educator who changed your life? National Life Group recognizes the Life Changer of the Year from the nominations of excellent educators who have made a beneficial difference in the lives of students, who have added to the positive school climate, and who have led their colleagues. Linda Aletto, fifth grade teacher at St. Joseph Regional Catholic School of Salem, NH, is the current NH nominee for the award. She has been teaching at St. Joseph’s for over 25 years. Not only do her students have excellent content knowledge, she teaches critical thinking skills. She provides the research, notetaking, and organizational skills that graduates report using in their further education and in their adult lives. She is an avid learner, contributes to the growth of the educators with whom she works, and is a caring adult who would give you the coat right off her back. Help her to move from nominee to winner by clicking here to view her profile and making a comment. Let’s honor this representative of veteran educators in NH!

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Students Celebrate the Feast of Saint Benedict
St. Thomas Aquinas High School Students Recognized at Boston University's Model UN Conference

Superintendent's Message

A blessed and joyous New Year!

Each year during the last week of January we observe Catholic Schools Week, a celebration of our wonderful and extraordinary heritage of Catholic education in parishes, towns, and cities across the nation. The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2015 is “Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.” Each school in the diocese will be celebrating the week in its own special way as we thank the Lord for the many graces and blessings which enable our schools to provide for the spiritual, moral, intellectual, and physical well-being of our students. Read More

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The mission of Catholic Schools in New Hampshire is to prepare students through the sacraments, sacred scripture, Catholic tradition, and high academic standards, and to inspire them to become transformative leaders working toward a more just and peaceful world. Learn more about Catholic schools in the links below.

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