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Confirmation Prep Project

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. Instead of developing a brand new program, the Confirmation Prep Project asks communities to make enhancements to their already existing confirmation preparation process.

Pastors, catechetical leaders and youth ministers from thirty parishes gathered in Concord, on March 31, 2014 to participate in the nation-wide Confirmation Preparation Project. Sponsored by the National Initiative on Adolescent Catechesis and in partnership with Dr. Michael Carotta, the initiative is being presented in dioceses across the country. The year-long project includes an initial workshop, a survey of the most recent Confirmation candidates, access to the NIAC project website and resources, a mid-point follow-up workshop with Dr. Carotta, and a final survey of those confirmed next year.

Highlighting recent studies on the faith development of adolescents and young adults and Church documents, the primary focus of the Project is to help parish teams enhance their Confirmation Preparation.

What are the eight enhancements?

All parishes will engage in the first enhancement:

1. Promote discipleship as the expectation for life after confirmation.

They then choose one or more of the following:

2. Recognize and describe the presence and effect of the Holy Spirit

3. Evaluate and own one’s Catholic identity

4. Develop a Spiritual Growth Plan

5. Engage in challenging moral and theological reflection

6. Gain skills and knowledge to articulate the nature of one’s faith, experiences of grace, and grasp of the Tradition

7. Complete formational exercises outside of Confirmation sessions

8. Experience the parish as a mentoring environment

Please add your prayerful support to the participating parish teams that they and their efforts to enhance Confirmation Preparation will be blessed and bear fruit abundantly.


Confirmation Prep Project Stage Two:
80+ Participants Check In

The National Initiative on Adolescent Catechesis partnered with Dr. Michael Carotta to enhance current efforts with Confirmation Preparation in parishes to “promote discipleship as the expectation for life after confirmation.” Thirty parishes and over eighty participants in the Diocese of Manchester elected to take part in this process beginning with phase 1 in March 2014.

The second phase of the project, November 3, 2014 at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish in Bedford, took place to evaluate and consider adjustments to the enhancements chosen to be implemented. In addition participants reported and discussed results of parish evaluation surveys by past and present confirmation candidates. The dialogue regarding enhancements was achieved in an interactive way with parish teams listing changes made and changes in progress and inviting the gathered participants to offer suggestions of best practices to achieve their goals.

To complete the dialogue and return to parishes inspired to continue Confirmation preparation promoting discipleship Dr. Michael Carotta presented inductive and deductive catechetical methodology. Gathered participants were invited to identify their catechetical methodology, consider what impact it might have on their current enhancements as well as any future enhancements, and how we might incorporate this methodology to more effectively promote discipleship. CLICK HERE to read see the 8 enhancements.

Parish Catechetical Plan 

An Assessment Resource, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

During the workshops in June and September 2011 that introduced the process for formulating a Parish Catechetical Plan (Creating A Parish Catechetical Plan by Rev. Robert Duggan) one of the crucial steps discussed was the importance of assessing current faith formation opportunities in the parish.

Here is an assessment tool made available for our use from RCLBenziger Publishers, “On Good Soil.” Based on the General Directory for Catechesis, the process, although no longer available in print, is still valid. As parishes in the North Country and Plymouth know from their experience of it, the process is easy to use and includes assessing key elements of parish faith formation. We are grateful to RCLBenziger for permission to post this resource. For other faith formation resources from RCLBenziger visit www.rclbenziger.com

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