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Called to Servant Leadership

Called to Servant Leadership is a three year program designed to provide a quality theological education experience through courses, formation days, a practicum, and annual retreats. The current site is at Saint Anselm College, Manchester.

Called to Servant Leadership is intended for anyone currently working in a leadership role within a parish.

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A Participant's Perspective

My ministry has become more exciting since I started Called to Servant Leadership. My studies have awakened in me a desire to share more with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Often in our class we would learn something that would blow our minds and then say to each other, “Why are we just hearing about this now? How do we get the word out to everyone else in our parish? If only they knew this…”

Jan Bordeleau
Music Director
St. Lawrence Parish, Goffstown
Class of 2014

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Mary Jane Silvia
Director of Adult Faith Formation
(603) 663-0172

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