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Now is a good time to talk with children and teens about personal safety as well as to refresh your knowledge about ways to keep children safe both at home and away from home. Please take a moment to review some of the following articles, materials, and guidelines that focus on child and teen safety.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

If a child discloses abuse, will you know what to do? Do you know the warning signs of abusers? Do you know how big of a problem cyberbulling truly is? We answer these questions and more in a series of new infographics that we will publish throughout the month of April on our child safety board on Pinterest. Follow us on Facebook to learn when new reports are released. DOWNLOAD the collection of infographics to print and post onto bulletin boards, hand out to parents, or publish to your website.

The effectiveness of our child abuse prevention programs and policies is dependent upon many people from different walks of life working together toward a common goal. In the Diocese of Manchester, we strive to keep children safe in our parishes, schools, and camps, and we also hope that our efforts will have a positive effect on a larger scale - helping to keep children safe in our neighborhoods, communities, and throughout the state. 

CLICK HERE to view the child safety bulletin insert and to meet some of the many people who represent the network of employees and volunteers who are working in our diocese to help keep God's children safe. 

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