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Safe and Sound All Around

A Personal Safety Workshop for Parents and Children

Plymouth State University’s TIGER (“Theatre Integrating Guidance Education & Responsibility”) has developed for the Diocese of Manchester a personal safety program for children in grades K through 6 and their parents. The Safe and Sound All Around program touches upon personal safety issues ranging from when to call 911 to the differences between “tattling” and “telling.” The program includes a 45-minute lively theatre and dance performance followed by separate workshops for children (by age groups) and parents. Children will be provided a Parent Guide so that parents can reinforce at home the lessons learned.

For more information, please contact:
Mary Ellen D'Intino
Delegate for Ministerial Conduct
Director of Safe Environment Programs
Compliance Officer
(603) 663-0149


Eve Mongeau
Safe Environment Assistant
(603) 663-0109

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