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Safe Environment Reminders

Important Safe Environment Reminders

Spring 2014

  • Parish database updates: Quarterly parish safe environment updates are due on or before April 15, 2014. The Safe Environment Coordinator or other parish designee should log on to the Safe Environment Database (SED) at www.rcbmnh.org in order to view parish information and to make any necessary updates.
  • School database updates: Schools are to make updates on a monthly basis. Updates are due on the first Friday of each month and should reflect any changes within the past month.
  • Spring Coaches: Please remember to check with your athletic director or head coach to determine the names of all spring coaches. Please add the names of any new coaches into the Safe Environment Database as soon as possible and arrange for the coaches to attend training and complete the criminal records check and other forms. Also, if you have coaches who have completed their season and do not plan to return next year, this is a good time to move their status to “inactive.”
  • Refresher Training: Safe Environment Coordinators were sent lists in January noting the names of anyone who was due for refresher training. The deadline was February 28. Please check your list to determine if anyone is still outstanding, and send them a reminder.
  • Circles of Care/Netzmartz personal safety training for children and youth: Please remind your catechetical leader that the lessons must be offered in class to all students annually. Tally sheets are due on or before May 1 but can be submitted as soon as they are ready.

Thank you for all of your efforts to help keep children and youth safe! Do not hesitate to contact the safe environment staff if you need assistance.

For more information, please contact:
Mary Ellen D'Intino
Director of Safe Environment Programs
Compliance Officer
(603) 663-0149


Eve Mongeau
Safe Environment Assistant
(603) 663-0109

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