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Check out what D.A.R.E. has to offer 

Free drug & alcohol abuse prevention, bullying prevention, and internet safety programs available for grades K-12 students and their parents!

D.A.R.E. is a free program, sponsored by the NH State Police, that is available to students and community members. D.A.R.E. has a comprehensive drug abuse prevention curriculum as well as bullying prevention and internet safety lessons. Lessons are designed for students from Kindergarten through high school and adult programs are available as well! Not only schools can take advantage of these programs- parishes may also schedule adult information sessions. If you would like to have a D.A.R.E officer visit your school or parish, contact State Trooper Maureen Steer, Program Facilitator, at 271-2877 or Maureen.Steer@dos.nh.gov

  • For a closer look at the lessons available, CLICK HERE (pdf)

Protecting Vulnerable Adults 

Some parishes have outreach programs for the elderly or other vulnerable adults. Volunteers working with the elderly or with other “incapacitated” adults should be informed of how to report suspected abuse. Inquiries and reports should be made to the Department of Health and Human Services Adult Protection Program at 1-800-949-0470. In addition, the Adult Protection Agency is available to provide free informational workshops to those working with the elderly and homebound. For further information, contact Rachel Lakin at 271-4347. Rachel is a supervisor at the agency and she will refer interested parishes to a local agency representative who can meet with your volunteers.

Tips for Tracking 

CYO Coaches and Scout Troop Volunteers

Safe Environment Coordinators: Double check and make sure that all parish CYO and Boy Scout volunteers are in compliance with the safe environment requirements. Read about some tips that will help you keep on track.

Internet Safety Articles for Parents 

These articles may be distributed to parents and other interested adults.

Emergency Plan Guidelines 

Looking for a Safe Environment Coordinator? 

CLICK HERE for a helpful bulletin announcement to use if you are in need of a new Safe Environment Coordinator.


"Inactive" Employees and Volunteers Returning to a Ministry

If an employee or volunteer has been “inactive” and is returning to a ministry where they will work with minors, please review the person’s safe environment file before moving the person’s database status to “active.” When reviewing the file, you should verify that you have on file both an application and an Acknowledgment Form. Also, you should verify that these forms are completed correctly and fully, and get any corrections or updates made before moving the status to “active.” Thank you!

How to Search the Safe Environment Database 

The Safe Environment Database contains the names of everyone who has ever completed any of the safe environment requirements. Recently, we have had a lot of questions about how to “look up” the name of a person who volunteered or worked with minors at another location. This is easy to do! Here are the instructions:

  • Log on to the database at www.rcbmnh.org
  • From your main database list, click on “Add Employee/Volunteer”
  • Enter the last name only in the search box and click “Search”
  • If you are not sure of the last name, you can use the % sign for any part of the name you don’t know. For example, you can search Allen as All%n and this will show up all names such as Allen, Allan, Allain, etc.
  • You will be shown a list of all people in the database who have the last name you searched. Look at the list and if you see the person you’re looking for, click on “Add to Form.” This does not immediately add the person to your list, but lets you look at the information more closely to determine if it’s the person you are looking for. If not, click “Cancel” and continue to review the list.
  • If you find the person you are looking for, click on “Add to Form” and then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on “Add New Location.” Follow the instructions, adding the person to your entity. If the person completed everything at the other location, you can add him or her as active. If not, the database will only allow you to set the person as pending.
  • If the person’s name does not show on the search, then he or she is not in our database and you have to add them as new using the “Add New” feature.

Please feel free to contact Eve Mongeau or Mary Ellen D’Intino if you need assistance.

Tips for reviewing volunteer and employee applications 

As Safe Environment Coordinators are well aware, each new employee and volunteer who will work with minors must complete an application. It is important for the coordinator to review each application before it is filed away. Here are some tips on what to look for when reviewing volunteer and employee applications:

  • Has the person resided in a state other than New Hampshire during the past 5 years? If so, additional criminal checks must be completed.
  • Has the person been registered at your parish for at least 6 months? (This only applies to parish volunteers). If not, he/she must provide a written recommendation from the pastor or a parish supervisor at his/her former parish. If the person is unable to provide such a reference, then he/she must wait 6 months before working with minors.
  • Did the person answer “yes” to any of the screening questions? If so, then he or she must provide a brief written explanation and the coordinator should forward the form to the Office for Ministerial Conduct for further review.
  • Did the person sign and date the form?

If you have questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Mary Ellen D’Intino at (603) 669-3100, Ext. 149.

What to do when a person is already in the database: 

The Safe Environment Database (SED) was designed to make it easy for parishes, schools, camps, and the Office for Ministerial Conduct to communicate with each other regarding employee and volunteer compliance. One feature of the database is that a school, parish, or camp can search a person’s name and determine if the person has already completed the requirements. The person can then easily be added to the new entity listing.

When adding a pre-existing person to your SED list, if you do not have copies of certain documents (acknowledgement forms; applications) because they are maintained at another location, it is best to contact the school, parish, or camp to verify that the records are still there. This will help you to be prepared when a safe environment review occurs at your site. If you would like to obtain a written record for your own files, you may request it from the other location by using the Document Location Form (Word).

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