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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

All children deserve great childhoods! To reach this goal, each and every child needs a loving and supporting environment.

This year, the Diocese of Manchester has partnered with Prevent Child Abuse America and the New Hampshire Children’s Trust to support their Pinwheels for Prevention® campaign. This campaign provides an opportunity for all of us to take action by learning more about child abuse prevention, supporting child and family friendly policies and services, and volunteering at the local, state, and national levels.

Please read on for ways that your parish, school, community, or family can take action this April to promote child safety and help eliminate child abuse.

Mass to Pray for Healing of Those Affected by Child Abuse

Please join us at the Parish of the Holy Spirit in Keene on April 28 to pray for all those who were abused.

> Get the Bulletin Announcement and Flyer

Wear Blue Day- April 8

Consider asking your school or parish community to wear blue on April 8 in support of child abuse prevention.

Post photos on your parish or school social media accounts.

> Download Wear Blue Day Flyer

Make Your Own PinwheelsMake a pinwheel garden or display

We will provide NH Catholic parishes and schools with bright, plastic blue and white pinwheels at no cost for your use (25 per location).

To request pinwheels, e-mail Mary Ellen D'Intino at medintino@rcbm.org.

Make your own pinwheels

Our colorful pinwheel templates feature three designs with positive messages for children, teens, and adults. The activity guide also includes discussion cards parents can use to jump start conversations about child safety with their children. Include the pinwheels in your gardens or displays, on bulletin boards, as part of a classroom lesson about personal safety, or make them at home.

> Download Pinwheel Activity

Bulletin/School newsletter inserts and other resources

> Ten Gifts - This insert/handout suggests ways that caring adults can help parents with young children. 

> April is Child Abuse Prevention Month - This bulletin or school newsletter blurb lets parents and concerned adults know where they can find more information and resources.

> Prayer Petitions - Please pray for all those who have been abused, particularly those who were abused by someone representing the Catholic Church. Here are some ideas for prayer petitions to use during the month of April.









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