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Pastoral Planning

The Church is ever-changing. In the Diocese of Manchester, the Pastoral Planning Commission assists the bishop to develop plans that will support the work of the clergy and laity in bringing all Catholics to a closer relationship with their Lord. The Pastoral Planning Commission is currently gathering information with a goal to develop recommendations on strengthening parish life.

In the first decade of the 21st century, Bishop McCormack initiated a comprehensive planning process for the diocese. He established a Long Range Planning Commission, consisting of priests, religious and laity, to coordinate the work and establish a process to include recommendations from every parish on the future.

Long Range Planning Commission Report

During this time, the Diocese of Manchester underwent a comprehensive look at parishes. Thirty-one clusters of parishes, organized into five groups, met to develop recommendations for Bishop McCormack on how parishes could be configured to best maintain vibrant parish life. Each cluster was made up of a number of parishes with the pastor and two lay liaisons from each parish. Led by a facilitator, the clusters met over a period of six to eight weeks to develop recommendations. The recommendations were reviewed by the appropriate dean and the Long Range Planning Commission before being presented to Bishop McCormack.

The results of this planning process were a number of parish mergers, unifications and twinnings. A detailed review of all recommendations and their current status is contained in the report of the Long Range Planning Commission. CLICK HERE to download the report.

One With Christ

Bishop McCormack’s pastoral letter on planning (One With Christ) outlines five essential questions parishes must answer to help ensure we have vibrant parishes serving Catholics in New Hampshire.

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