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Bishop Libasci's Comment on Paris Terror Attacks

"As we continue to receive news from Paris of yet another brutal attack on innocent people, one can only be stunned by the grave depravity that leads someone to commit such a horrific act. The terrible things that corrupt and twist the mind, leading it to turn a human being to such inhuman behavior must be seen for what they are: manifestations of an evil that is rampant in the world; an evil that teaches, nurtures, encourages, and abets behavior that results in the loss of life and the loss of a soul." READ MORE

Preparing for Advent

Preparing for Advent

The holy season of Advent begins the Church’s Liturgical Year; this year it begins on November 29. It celebrates the two comings of Christ, who came once to save the world and will come again to judge the world. Check out our new Advent series for 2015.

Bulletin Insert: A Pastoral Catechesis from Bishop Libasci (pdf)

Advent Overview

Week 1: Reflections on the Readings, Living and Praying Advent

World Youth Day New Hampshire

Celebrate Youth

This year World Youth Day New Hampshire was celebrated in the Diocese of Manchester on October 25th at St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Bishop Libasci presented eight youth the St. Timothy Award and five adults the Companions on the Journey Award.

See Photo Gallery

Learn more about World Youth Day in New Hampshire and the awards

The Wood of the Cross

Parable: The Wood of the Cross

The crosses are smooth to the touch; their intricate Celtic whorls and flourishes finished in a velvet-like patina. Some of them are large enough to hang on a wall and become the center of the room. Others are small enough to be folded into the palm of a praying hand. All of them are powerful, for each one carries a healing prayer from the person who carved it.

On any given day, David Geaney, 76 of Saint Lawrence Parish in Goffstown, can be found in his garage woodshop in Weare, New Hampshire. The hum of the scroll saw is ever present like the chipmunks that often watch the artist work. David, a native Irishman with a cheerful smile for everyone, is at work carving what he calls his saving crosses, beautifully crafted pieces that have found their way into the homes of thousands of people who are suffering from illness, including family, friends, and a wide world of suffering neighbors, celebrities, politicians, athletes, and even a pope. READ MORE

Bishop Libasci

Message from Bishop Libasci


“Spotlight”, a movie about the 2002 Boston Globe investigation into the sexual abuse of minors in the Archdiocese of Boston, will be coming to theaters in November. For some, this film will be a painful reminder of the abuse they themselves or someone close to them may have experienced, and likely will evoke emotions of sadness and anger in many who see or hear about it. In response, Bishop Libasci has written a letter to all the faithful of the diocese, which is available at catholicnh.org/child-safety.

Child Safety Reminders

Child Safety Reminders

Please distribute the Boundaries for Coaches flyer to CYO and other coaches.

Reminder: Please be sure to teach Circles of Care/Netsmartz lessons to all students.
The lessons and forms are available here: http://www.catholicnh.org/child-safety/training
Please submit your Tally Sheets as soon as the lessons have been taught.

Bulletin/Newsletter Announcement

How to Report Suspected Abuse
If you know of or suspect abuse or neglect of a minor (a person under 18), you must report it to the NH Division for Children, Youth and Families at 1-800-894-5533 or 603-271-6556.

As an employee or volunteer in the Catholic Church in New Hampshire, in addition to reporting to DCYF, if you know of or suspect sexual abuse of a minor by Church personnel you must also report it to:

  1. Local law enforcement and the Delegate for Ministerial Conduct if the abuse involves a minor
  2. Delegate for Ministerial Conduct if the abuse involves a person who is no longer a minor 

Delegate for Ministerial Conduct - (603) 669-3100

Outreach services for victims and their families
If you or a loved one has experienced abuse by someone representing the Catholic Church, we urge you to contact the diocesan Office for Healing and Pastoral Care at (603) 669-3100 x 110. Help is available.

catholicnh.org en Español


The Diocese of Manchester has created a web page for Spanish-speaking Catholics, with information about the Church and ministries of our diocese. Visit www.catholicnh.org/en-espanol to learn more.

La Diócesis de Manchester ha creado una página web para los católicos de habla hispana, con información sobre la Iglesia y los ministerios de nuestra diócesis. Visita www.catholicnh.org/en-espanol para aprender más.

Year of Mercy Presentations for Parishes and Small Groups

Year of Mercy Presentations for Parishes and Small Groups

We have prepared a presentation for your parishes and small groups to help them understand and enjoy the Holy Year.

The presentation consists of:

  • A short summary of Pope Francis’ Bull of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, an explanation of the opening and closing dates
  • An exploration of the motto which is “Merciful Like the Father”
  • The practices laid out by Pope Francis for Catholics across the globe

Learn more about this presentation and how you can bring it to your parish.

National Bible Week

National Bible Week

Bulletin Announcement:

From November 15–21, families, parishes, schools, and other Catholic groups are invited to participate in National Bible Week, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, Dei Verbum. This year's theme, "The Bible: A Book for the Family," builds on this year's Synod of Bishops on the Family and Pope Francis's visit to Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families. For more information, visit: www.usccb.org/bible/national-bible-week/index.cfm.

Pilgrimage to Italy with Bishop Libasci

Pilgrimage to Italy

Bishop Libasci invites you to join him on a pilgrimage to Italy from April 18 to 26, 2016, as part of the observance of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. READ MORE

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Student Contest

NH Knights of Columbus Student Pro-Life Essay Contest

The NH Knights of Columbus is sponsoring a student Pro-Life essay contest open to NH Junior and Senior High students. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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