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For Parish BulletinseNews is the e-mail newsletter from the Diocese of Manchester published biweekly on Wednesdays. Bulletin editors are encouraged to use the information from this newsletter for parish bulletins and websites.


Remembering James Foley

Remembering James Foley

On being advised of the apparent murder of journalist and Rochester native James Foley by Islamic State insurgents, the Most Reverend Peter A. Libasci, Bishop of Manchester, made the following statement:

“The brutality of this act is itself evidence of an unspeakable evil that is rampant and inhuman. To the prayers that have been offered since his captivity almost two years ago, we now add our prayers for James's eternal rest and, in Christ Jesus Our Lord, James's future resurrection to eternal life.

“Our prayers also must accompany a sorrowful mother, a grieving father, a deeply pained family and countless friends who have kept vigil all this time. May we also pray for those who have embraced the way of darkness and death, that they may turn away from this terrible evil now and forever."

Video: James Foley Memorial Mass

Bishop Libasci's Homily

Bishop Libasci's Labor Day Message

Bishop Libasci's Labor Day Message

My very dear friends, this year please recall the noble ideal of that first vision of Labor Day, recognizing God as the Creator and the worker as a sharer in the tending of the world through creative use of what God has endowed us with. Please remember on this Labor Day that noble vision that saw Sunday as a day for spiritual and educational re-creation and six other days for profitable work. Let us also be aware of the eroding of these values in our own time, when the consumer is so often the one being consumed in the long run. READ MORE

Retired Priest Collection

Retired Priest Collection

The annual Collection for Retired Priests is September 27-28, 2014. The bulletin insert will be shipped to all parishes to arrive September 15-16. Please put the insert in your bulletin for the weekend of September 20 – 21 for people to take home and bring back the next weekend. Please ask your pastor to mention the collection in his announcements. For more information about the Retired Priest Fund Collection, go to www.catholicnh.org/ourpriests.

Middle East Collection

Middle East Humanitarian Relief

Bishop Libasci has asked parishes to conduct a free will offering on the weekend of September 13-14 to help Catholic Relief Services (CRS) respond to urgent needs for aid and assistance in the Middle East.  Please respond as generously as you can to provide humanitarian relief and pastoral support to those affected by the ongoing violence there. (Photo Above: A CRS staff member speaks with a beneficiary displaced in Iraq. Kris Ozar/CRS)

For Parishes:

Bishop Libasci's Letter

Instructions from the Finance Office

Bishop Libasci Urges Catholics to Cast Votes for Good of Others

Bishop Peter A. Libasci has issued a letter in advance of New Hampshire’s September 9 primary election calling upon Catholics in the Diocese of Manchester to be citizens “who will work first and foremost for the good of others . . . to benefit all people, especially the unborn, the poor, the forgotten elderly.” CLICK HERE to learn more about Catholic teaching on forming your conscience and the moral obligation to vote.

Bishop Libasci's Letter

Resources for Parishes - Includes prayers, bulletin and pulpit announcements.

Additional Voting Resources - Includes important dates, ideas for catechetical leaders, prayer resources, and more.

Subscribe to Catholic Citizenship News – Starting in September, Catholic Citizenship News will feature a weekly e-mail program to help Catholics learn about Church teaching and prepare for the upcoming election in November.

Upcoming Events - Register Today!

18th Annual St. Charles Children’s Home 5K Road Race - September 1, 2014

2014 Religious Jubilee Celebration - September 6, 2014
For a list of religious jubilarians, CLICK HERE.

Confirmation Preparation for Adults (Meredith) - September 10 - October 15
LEARN MORE about Confirmation Preparation for Adults.

Homeschool Mass - September 12, 2014
Bishop Peter A. Libasci invites all homeschool students, parents, instructors and those interested in the ever-growing homeschool system in New Hampshire to attend a special Mass

The Parish as a School of Discipleship - September 25, 2014
Continuing Education Workshop for Catechetical Leaders, Pastoral Associates, RCIA Coordinators, and Youth and Young Adult Ministers.

Tribunal Field Advocate Training - September 26-28, 2014

The Parish Community in RCIA - October 4, 2104
This workshop is for RCIA teams who are looking for ways to actively involve the parish community in the process.

The Voice of Catholic Women within the Family - October 18, 2014
NH Diocesan Catholic Women 2014 Fall Gathering featuring guest speaker Beth Mahoney.

Catechetical Leaders Day with the Bishop - October 23, 2014

Catchetical Sunday

Catechetical Sunday

This year, the Church will celebrate Catechetical Sunday on September 21, 2014, and will focus on the theme "Teaching About God's Gift of Forgiveness." Those whom the community has designated to serve as catechists will be called forth to be commissioned for their ministry. Catechetical Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the role that each person plays, by virtue of Baptism, in handing on the faith and being a witness to the Gospel. Catechetical Sunday is an opportunity for all to rededicate themselves to this mission as a community of faith. Learn More

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Catholic Destinations: Divine Mercy Parish, Peterborough

Our travel series takes us to Peterborough, NH, a peaceful, picturesque town filled with unique shops and restaurants, beautifully preserved architecture, and a bustling art scene. Stop in for Mass at Divine Mercy Parish, a parish steeped in history with exciting future plans. READ MORE

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Youth Spotlight


Triumph of Love Over Death

Jean Bosco and Christine recall how their love and faith survived the Rwandan genocide

Love, Saint Paul tells us, “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” (1 Corinthians 13:7) Jean Bosco and Christine Rutagengwa of Saint Aloysius of Gonzaga Parish in Nashua are as powerful a testament to these words as you will ever find. READ MORE

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$7,500 Grant Helps Provide Senior Meals in Four State Counties

$7,500 Grant Helps Provide Senior Meals in Four State Counties

The Grafton County Senior Citizens Council, Inc., Community Action Program Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc., and St. Joseph Community Services, Inc. received a $7,500 grant from the Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund to provide funding for their senior nutrition programs which include “Meals on Wheel” (home delivered meals) and community dining (congregate meals). READ MORE

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