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Mission Statement of the Diocese of Manchester

We are the Catholic Church of New Hampshire, a portion of God's People rich in our tradition and in our diversity, striving in faith for fullness of life.

In communion with the Bishop of Rome and the Church throughout the world, our mission is to witness to the Good News of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit by

Worshiping God in Word and Sacrament,
Proclaiming and sharing our Faith
Promoting holiness of life through continuing conversion,
Serving human needs, especially those of the poor and the oppressed,
Forming Christian communities on the family, parish and diocesan levels.
Fostering reconciliation and harmony among the people of our diocese, our state,
our nation, and our planet.

Faithful to the constant teachings of the Church, we also pledge to collaborate with all peoples, especially with other Christian Churches and with the Jewish community , as we devote ourselves to being thankful, responsible stewards of God's gracious and bountiful gifts. While we journey in Faith, we anticipate with joy the day when Christ will come again and everything will be complete in God's love.

Diocese of Manchester
The Catholic Church in New Hampshire

153 Ash Street, Box 310
Manchester, NH 03105-0310
(603) 669-3100
Fax: (603) 669-0377

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