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Parish and Catholic School Stewardship

Parish Support

Our greatest blessings are our families and our parish communities because they are closest to us each day. The parishes of the Diocese are the strength of the Church in New Hampshire. Our local parishes continue to be the best source for inviting and encouraging Catholics to be steward-disciples and live a grateful and loving life to its fullest. Each parish provides us with a community for worship and service. Your parish relies on your personal involvement to provide ministry in your local community. It also relies on the weekly offertory to pay its bills and to provide the many programs within the parish. Every parish in the Diocese is required to publish an annual report so that parishioners can see where their contributions are being spent.

In vibrant parishes, programs and activities continue throughout every week of the year. So too do the expenses associated with those programs and ministry. In light of that, we should all ask ourselves how good a steward are we. Do we use offertory envelopes to remind ourselves of our weekly obligation? If we are out of town on vacation or business, do we continue to support the needs of the parish? Good stewards treat their parish obligation as they would any other obligation.

Catholic School Support

The diocesan Catholic Schools provide a strong curriculum that emphasizes Catholic values through daily religion classes, regular prayer and sacraments. The cost of maintaining a curriculum that forms our children in the Catholic faith and provides them with a solid education by which to continue the Lord’s work in today’s society is challenging, especially in an era with fewer religious men and women to staff the school faculties. For many families, the cost of tuition to our schools requires a significant financial sacrifice. For other families, the payment of tuition is simply not within reach of the family’s resources. Regardless of a particular family’s economic circumstances, no child should be denied an education in one of our diocesan Catholic Schools.

For those individuals willing to share their gifts, opportunities exist for providing tuition assistance for Catholic School students who may not possess the financial resources available to obtain a Catholic school education.

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