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Electronic Giving: Supporting Your Mission Every Week

People carry far less cash than they used to, and they write fewer checks. These are facts of modern life. Offering an electronic donation option gives parishioners an additional way to follow through on their intentions. To help your parishioners support your parish allow them to use their credit cards and electronic checking.

E-giving helps your parishioners make a thoughtful gift that is usually right in line with the parish’s need to fulfill their mission. When a parishioner takes the time to think about how financial support and individual spirituality are part of a total commitment to the parish, the average gift increases significantly as it reflects the importance of the parish and its mission.

A dynamic e-giving program helps parishioners to support the parish with the same convenience they are used to in the rest of their lives.

Simple to Use for Both Parishioners and Parish Staff

Parishes can offer e-giving easily, economically and effectively.

Establishing an e-giving program can be done quickly. Once up and running, the parish will receive regular reports and can import the information into its parish accounting software.

Your older members may be more tech-savvy than you realize. Even AARP, a nonprofit serving people 50 and older, offers an online option for members donating to its foundation.

Parishioners need only go to the parish website and click on the Electronic Giving button that the parish has provided. After that, the parishioner is guided through step-by-step instructions to begin making regular contributions.

With e-giving the parishioner is able to support your parish no matter where they are, no matter the weather.

How to Sign-up for Electronic Giving in Your Parish

If your parish offers electronic giving, you will find a link on the parish website. Click that link and follow the step-by-step instructions. Within minutes you will be set up to begin helping your parish fulfill its mission.

How Parishes Can Get Started

If a parish does not yet have an electronic giving program, it can make one phone call to get started. Vanco, the preferred provider of electronic giving services for the Diocese of Manchester, is available to help. Call: Vanco Payments Services, Stewart Kolb, Catholic Sales Consultant, 952-352-8144 or Stewart.Kolb@vancopayments.com.

Parish Resources

CLICK HERE for suggested bulletin announcements.

We can also provide cards that e-Givers can drop in the collection plate to acknowledge their contribution.

Will e-Giving take away from the “personal” aspect of giving?

How can we let our members know that e-Giving is available?

Church members need a few reminders before they really catch on, and directing them to your e-Giving platform through familiar sources will make them more likely to give it a try. Mention e-Giving in any written communication--weekly bulletins, email newsletters, or by adding a line to offering envelopes. Members often will follow the habits of church leaders. Ask your staff and other influential members to participate, especially during the early phase, and others may be inspired to follow their lead. Also, put a prominent link on your website’s home page to make your e-Giving platform easy to find.

Clearly, e-Giving is a valuable and growing resource. Faith-based organizations could be left behind by this technology shift unless they and their congregations consider combining e-Giving along with traditional methods.

In resisting online giving, your church may be missing out on regular tithes from generous church members. Offering e-Giving options to members who want to donate but don’t have cash or check in hand increases your opportunity to receive more donations.

One concern for many faith-based organizations is that their substantial older populations might be too conservative or traditional to embrace e-Giving. But consider that even AARP, a nonprofit serving people 50 and older, offers an online option for members donating to its foundation, and seniors’ overall use of technology continues to increase. Your older members may be more tech-savvy than you realize.

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