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"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace." (1 Pt 4:10)

As the family of God on earth, we rely on each other to fulfill God’s mission for his church. Being actively involved in a parish benefits both the parish and our own spiritual development. Speak to your pastor about the many opportunities for service that await you.

We all also need to support the mission of the Church through our financial commitment. In addition to making regular contributions to a parish, Catholics in New Hampshire have many opportunities to advance the work of the Church. Please consider how you could make a difference by donating to the following efforts. 

Special Fund for Saint Casimir School 

Bishop Peter Libasci is asking for assistance for Saint Casimir School, in the heart of downtown Manchester. Bishop Libasci said, “I hold this school especially dear as it serves so many of our refugee and needy children. I reverence this school’s mission as a school for those most in need of Catholic formation in an environment especially attentive to the cultural and social realities from which they have been forced to flee. By attending Catholic School they will likely become participating members in the Church and to return the favor in the future by being part of endeavors such as this.”

A gift will help Bishop Libasci assist families, who cannot afford the full tuition, to attend Saint Casimir School.

If you are able to help, please send your check to the Diocese of Manchester, made out to the “Roman Catholic Bishop of Manchester” and include on the memo line “for the benefit of Saint Casimir School Fund”, P.O. Box 310, Manchester, NH 03105-0310. You can also use our convenient electronic option below. 

Donate online: 

Seminarian Education Fund

Educating seminarians is an investment in the future of the Catholic Church in New Hampshire, but this goal cannot be fulfilled without the help of the faithful. One hundered percent of every dollar collected for the seminarian fund goes toward supporting the education of men studying for the priesthood. The annual collection is the primary source of funding for seminarian education, but we are always accepting gifts.  If you want more information or are interested in donating, please CLICK HERE.

Donate online: 

Priests Retirement Trust Fund

The Priests Retirement Trust Fund provides a monthly stipend and benefits to over fifty retired priests of our diocese. For many of these priests, this stipend is their only means of support. The fund faces the same challenges that Social Security and other pension funds do. The number of retired priests is increasing and our priests are living longer. We are blessed that many retired priests continue to serve by celebrating Mass in parishes around the state. Although we have an annual appeal for the Priests Retirement Trust Fund, we are always accepting gifts. If you want more information or are interested in donating, please CLICK HERE.

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Electronic Giving

People carry far less cash than they used to, and they write fewer checks. These are facts of modern life. Offering an electronic donation option gives parishioners an additional way to follow through on their intentions. To help your parishioners support your parish allow them to use their credit cards and electronic checking.

CLICK HERE to learn more about how e-giving can benefit you and your parish.

Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund 

The Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund is a not-for-profit organization within the Catholic Church in New Hampshire. The Fund enables the Bishop of Manchester, through a board of directors, to make grants to not-for-profit organizations without regard to religious affiliation for projects that help people in New Hampshire meet their basic needs. Each year the bishop hosts a Summer Reception at Trudel House. The proceeds from this reception provide the means for the Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund to make its grants. If you would like more information, apply for a grant or receive an invitation to the Summer Reception, please CLICK HERE

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Help us to spread the Good News

The collection for the Catholic Communication Campaign is how the Good News gets around to you. Please support this important work in the upcoming collection to help spread the Good News through catholicNH.org, eNews, Catholic Citizenship News, Parable Magazine and more. READ MORE

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Parable Magazine needs you!

Parable is a gift from your parish and the Diocese of Manchester. It brings personal stories of faith to Catholics across New Hampshire. It is the only magazine that focuses both on your faith and your community. Parable needs your donation to continue spreading the Good News. Please give generously to support Parable. 50% of donations received by April 20 will be credited directly to your parish. This will help your parish cover the cost of sending Parable to the homes of all of the registered parishioners in your community. 

Donate online: 

Donate by mail:
Please send donations to:
P.O. Box 310
Manchester, NH 03105

Donations are not payments for subscriptions to the magazine. In order to receive the magazine, you must be a member of a parish that receives the magazine. If your parish does not currently receive Parable, speak with your pastor about ways to bring the magazine to your community.

Planned Gifts

You can support a parish, school or the work of the Church by making a planned gift. As simple as naming a Catholic entity in your will or setting up a Charitable Gift Annuity, there are many ways you can directly contribute to the Church’s mission. For more information, contact Thomas Bebbington at tbebbington@rcbm.org or (603) 663-0150.

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