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Risk Management/Insurance

How Do I . . . ?

Report damage to or theft of property owned by a parish/school?

Report an employee accident?

Report an accident involving a parishioner or visitor to parish/school?

Report an accident involving a vehicle owned by a parish/school?

Request a certificate of insurance to use a non-owned building/facility?

Request insurance for a non-sponsored event or activity to be held at the parish/school?

Request insurance coverage for a student accident for a diocesan parish or school-sponsored activity?

CLICK HERE to view and print a list of contact information for claim reporting



Priest Personal Auto Reimbursement Request

Permission/Release Forms

Parent Permission and and Request for Epi-Pen Use

General Release and Waiver for Participants in Activities at Diocesan Locations

Parent Permission to Dispense Medication

Medication Log

Parent Permission Form (e.g., Field Trips) - Domestic

Parent Permission Form - International Travel

Student Accident Claim Form

Leave Unsupervised Authorization

Insurance Requirements

Insurance Requirements for Contractors

Insurance Requirements for Lessees


Short-Term Facilities Use Agreement

Short-Term Facilities Use Amendment

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