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Archives of the Diocese of Manchester

The Archives Office of the Diocese of Manchester exists to collect, preserve, and make available records of significant value that pertain to the Catholic Church in New Hampshire. As a private institutional archives office, its primary responsibility is to the Bishop of Manchester and Diocesan Administration Office. The materials in the Archives are subject to the prescriptions of canon law as well as civil law. Some materials may also be restricted due to privacy issues, confidentiality, local policy, and/or the donors of documents or other materials.

Records maintained in the historical archives include diocesan directories, copies of diocesan newspapers, parish histories, photographs, and correspondence. DOWNLOAD a detailed list of the types and categories of materials in the archives.

Sacramental Records

In the Diocese of Manchester, each individual parish keeps records of baptisms, first communions, confirmations, marriages, and deaths. These records are not centralized in the Diocese of Manchester. An online directory is available to search for parishes and their affiliated churches. Churches that have been merged with another parish are listed in the online directory under "Churches" and will indicate where the sacramental records are kept (namely, in the unified or merged parish). A listing of churches that have closed are listed here

Sacramental records are historical, ecclesiastical documents, and the information in them is confidential. Sacramental certificates are available only to the person listed in the sacramental record or his /her direct relatives, legal representatives (i.e., parents, children, grandchildren, legal guardians), and ecclesiastical authorities.

In conducting genealogical research, note that the Diocese of Manchester was not established until 1884. From 1853-1884, the parishes in the State of New Hampshire were part of the Diocese of Portland, Maine.


The Archives Office makes its materials available to researchers within the parameters of canon law, and state and federal laws, and diocesan policy. Contact the Archives Office for more information.


Barbara Miles
Historical Archivist
(603) 232-3980

The Archives Office is open by appointment only. Contact Barbara Miles for more information or to make an appointment.

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