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Presbyteral Council

The Presbyteral Council is the principal consultative body mandated by canon law to advise the diocesan bishop in matters of pastoral governance. The Council aids the bishop in the fulfillment of his pastoral ministry by meeting regularly to discuss issues and offering their counsel to the bishop.


Ex officio members  
Most Rev. Francis J. Christian, D.D. Auxiliary Bishop & Vicar General
Very Rev. Georges de Laire Consultor
Very Rev. Mark Dollard Consultor
Very Rev. Richard B. Thompson Consultor
Elected members  
One year terms (2016-2017)  
Captial Deanery
Rev. Raymond Potvin
Seacoast Deanery Rev. Paul Gousse
Upper Valley Deanery Very Rev. Shawn Therrien
Two year terms (2106-2018)  
Lakes Region Deanery Rev. Robert Cole
Rockingham Deanery
Very Rev. Marc Gagne
White Mountain Deanery
Rev. David Kneeland
Three year terms (2016-2019)
Amoskeag Deanery
Very Rev. Richard Dion
Mondadnock Deanery Rev. Steven Kucharski
Souhegan Deanery Rev. Ray Labrie
Retired Priests Rev. C. Peter Dumont
Non-Incardinated Priests Rev. John Bucchino, OFM

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