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Finance Council

Canon 492 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law requires the bishop to establish a diocesan finance council and to appoint a minimum of three members to the council who are knowledgeable in financial and business matters. The Code provides for a structure which is charged with providing the bishop with technical guidance and advice on the prudent handling of fiscal matters. The two main groups of tasks on which the diocesan finance council provides advice and counsel to the bishop deal with ordinary administration (i.e., development of the annual budget, and the regular review of and compliance with it) and with extraordinary administration (i.e., major one-time financial transactions, such as construction projects, purchase or sale of property).

In the Diocese of Manchester, the diocesan Finance Council consists of members with varying and diverse expertise in financial, legal and real estate matters. The Council meets at least four regularly scheduled times during the year. In addition, each member sits on one of four standing committees (Budget, Investment, Real Estate, and Fundraising) which also hold regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year and report back on their activities to the entire Council. The bishop may request that the Council meet in special session or by teleconference to review and provide advice on matters of ordinary or extraordinary administration. The current members, their parish affiliation, and their committee assignment can be found below.

Diocesan Finance Council Members

Ronald J. Rioux, Vice Chair
Retired Banker
St. Michael Parish, Exeter


Deacon Paul Boucher
St. Mary Parish, Claremont

Rev. Michael E. Gendron
St. Peter Parish, Auburn

Eva L. Martel
Parish of the Transfiguration

Steven R. McManis
Management/Operations Consultant
Christ the King Parish, Concord

Thomas F. Parks
Retired Business Owner
Parish of the Assumption, Dover

Mr. Rene J. Pincince
St. Elizabeth Seton Parish, Bedford

Michael A. Richards
St. Christopher Parish, Nashua


David A. Gabert
Acting Finance Officer and Director of Parish and School Financial Services

Patrick F. McGee
Cabinet Secretary for Development and Communication

Paul F. Harrington
Director Secretary for Real Estate

Patricia M. Goneau

Kimberly J. Low
Executive Secretary

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