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Consultative Groups

The Bishop of Manchester seeks input from many sources as he leads the diocese. Each Consultative Group has a particular purpose and mission.

  • The Diocesan Priest Personnel Board consists of eight priests elected by the presbyterate of the diocese and two members appointed ex officio by the bishop. 
  • The Diocesan Review Board is an advisory board to the Bishop established in accordance with the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. 
  • The Finance Council consists of ten members, eight of whom are lay persons. 
  • The Pastoral Council consists of lay, clergy, and religious. 
  • The Presbyteral Council consists of priests elected by their peers, appointed by the bishop, as well as some ex officio priests. 
  • The Safe Environment Council consists of one representative from each of the nine deaneries who is recommended by the Dean and appointed by the Bishop to a three year term.

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